Game 103: Joba’s Back!


For those of you may not have heard as of yet, Joba Chamberlain will be in the Yankees bullpen tonight, replacing Chad Qualls. Finally, our long national nightmare is over.

And hey, Qualls was sent to the Pirates for 1B/3B Casey McGehee and cash. McGehee is currently “hitting” .230/.297/.377 with an 83 wRC+ (on the heels of a 68 wRC+ last season), though he does have a 119 wRC+ against LHP this year … following a 6 wRC+ against southpaws in 2011. His defense is passable at the hot corner, for what it’s worth, though different metrics offer different opinions there. At the very least, the Yankees got a warm body for Qualls, which is more than most could have expected.

Here’s a quick recap of today’s other deals:

  • The Phillies sent Shane Victorino to the Dodgers for Josh Lindblom and Ethan Martin
  • The Phillies sent Hunter Pence to the Giants for Tommy Joseph, Nate Schierholtz, and Seth Rosin
  • The Cubs sent Ryan Dempster to the Rangers for Christian Villanueva and Kyle Hendricks
  • The Marlins sent Gaby Sanchez and Kyle Kaminska to the Pirates for Gorkys Hernandez and their 2013 competitive balance pick
  • The Marlins sent Edward Mujica to the Cardinals for Zack Cox
  • The Red Sox sent Matt Albers and Scott Podsednik to the Diamondbacks for Craig Breslow
  • The Red Sox sent Lars Anderson to the Indians for (knuckleballer!) Steven Wright
  • The Royals sent Jonathan Broxton to the Reds for J.C. Sulbaran and Donnie Joseph

Onto the lineups:

Baltimore Orioles New York Yankees
Nick Markakis, RF Derek Jeter, DH
J.J. Hardy, SS Curtis Granderson, CF
Chris Davis, DH Robinson Cano, 2B
Adam Jones, CF Nick Swisher, 1B
Matt Wieters, C Raul Ibanez, LF
Lew Ford, LF Eric Chavez, 3B
Wilson Betemit, 3B Ichiro Suzuki, RF
Mark Reynolds, 1B Russell Martin, C
Omar Quintanilla, 2B Ramiro Pena, SS
Miguel Gonzalez, SP Ivan Nova, SP

The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m., on YES and the MLB Network. Let’s go Yankees!

Domenic is a staff writer for It's About the Money, and the host of the It's About the Money Stupid podcast. By day, he is a mild-mannered real estate attorney on Long Island, and an aspiring intellectual degenerate.

About Domenic Lanza

Domenic is a staff writer for It's About the Money, and the host of the It's About the Money Stupid podcast. By day, he is a mild-mannered real estate attorney on Long Island, and an aspiring intellectual degenerate.

37 thoughts on “Game 103: Joba’s Back!

  1. I think that getting McGehee for Qualls was a great move by Cashman. He was able to get something useful for basically nothing. Qualls has been terrible and was about to go as soon as Joba was recalled. So now we get Joba back earlier. GREAT!

  2. Its so thoughtful of Girardi to leave Nova in so the fans can see lots of action.

  3. Damn, no shut down inning for Nova. Gives up a ground rule double to Reynolds on an 0-2 pitch. What the hell, do the Yankees have him watching old tapes of Hughes?

  4. Scoring 5 runs in the 1st inning means this is a game the Yankees should win. Nova simply must shut them down the rest of the way.

  5. I don’t know who put in the rule that starting pitchers have to go 5 innings no matter how many runs they give up, but it’s not the baseball I was raised on.

  6. That was funny, Professor, but can you imagine how crazy Girardi must have been during the 7 runs? Take him out? As likely shoot him, I bet.

  7. I see Nova had a 1,2,3 inning. Nice, but it may be too late.

    Plus a hit by Pena. He’s making the most of his last game.

  8. Every1 says were gonna lose in 1st round of postseason I’ll be a little bold we ain’t go 2 the damn postseason

  9. I think Lou is too old to rip a base out of the ground and throw it.

  10. You said, Prof, “But…everyone fulfills that role whether he’s having a good day or not.”

    That reminds me that I used to think of whether the reliever was on or not. Under Torre, it seemed a matter of knowing who may be good today. (wished he might use that bullpen phone to better effect.)

    But with Joe, it’s just who has been effective, and who is available. Kinda like everyone is expected to be his best. And that may be a great thing.

  11. I’ve had it for the night. I’ll chat y’all tomorrow. MLBN is broadcasting the game, so the Yankees’ chances of winning are much improved.

  12. Luis Ayala pitching the last of the 9th. I was thinking that we should have held onto him. He pitched very well for us, if in low leveraged situations.

    Good old Pena wasn’t able to get any leverage on him. Can Derek?

  13. double play. Shoulda.

    Let’s put this earthquake behind us like it’s never happened. And Ivan should wear some stripes for this.

  14. I note that this first inning was the most stark example, as was the rest of the game in different ways, of momentum. Ivan smacked them down with (I counted six) seven pitches (according to Michael K).

    What a breeze! And the Yankee hitters, starting with Derek and his pure double, responded in kind. Did you see Robbie’s homer? You had to see quick: the ball disappeared.

    Then…no more hitting.

  15. Post-game, Ivan said, “They hit me.” He admitted the truth, but wouldn’t admit his focus failed, or his command was bad.

    He needs some stripes, until he can figure out why. How did he pitch the first? Why didn’t it work in the second, what changed? They were aggressive in the first, how did they adjust?