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3 thoughts on “Tuesday links

  1. Would it be out of line to shout out a big "WTF?" to Mr. Brooks? I get it – nothing makes the writers happy – if the Yankees DO spend, they're just buying championships. But if they go on an "austerity" budget (and seriously, that would only be austerity in the world of the Romneys and Kerrys,) all of a sudden the team is abandoning its fans.

    Make up your mind, or shut up, guys. (not you, Brien – but the waffling MSM bozoes)

    I have a solution, tho – how about a trade, A-Rod for Cliff – each team paying the ridiculous salary the other agreed to. Sounds like fun to me. I'll take Chavez and Lee over Alex and Freddy.

    • Realistically you'd need to a third team so A-Rod can stay in the AL in DH. Is there a third bad contract out there?????

      • Vernon Wells? But I'm not sure who would want to relieve the Angels of that boat anchor.