Yankees acquire Casey McGehee

6 thoughts on “Yankees acquire Casey McGehee

  1. Jacques

    Bit surprised that we would be trading with a NL central contender, but with Joba returning it does make sense to dump a reliever for something.

    A below-average pitcher for a below-average hitter; let us see what happens

  2. steve

    it can only be an improvement.

  3. Steve

    Dumping Qualls is as good as it gets in baseball.

  4. Tamar

    Getting rid of Qualls seems like an improvement – getting someone with any amount of value just seems like a bonus.

    • jay_robertson

      +1 – although he did hold the job of Dedicated White Flag. Now who fills the spot? (besides Nova)

      Eppley? Back to Boone? Rapada? – ya know, Joe actually has too many bad choices in the pen right now. Could you please email him with a list of better options in the Yankee farm system?

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