Yankees Drop Their Fourth In A Row, Finish July 13-13

Well, that sucked…

(Let’s wallow in the comments section, shall we?)

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4 thoughts on “Yankees Drop Their Fourth In A Row, Finish July 13-13

  1. When there’s offense, there’s no pitching, and when there’s pitching, there is no offense. Things will even out, just some rough games to watch.

  2. Stacey Gotsulias

    True and this was the first really bad game they’ve had in this stretch.

  3. Tj

    As jeter sed 8 teams make postseason (although now 10 do) hottest 1 wins. U know we still shud make playoffs it’s about a good streak

  4. smurfy

    I would differ, Michael, in the separation of pitching and hitting. This game displayed a clear combination of these factors: the first inning, fabulous pitching, fabulous hitting; the second inning, pitching failing completely, the hitting falling dead.

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