How Will the Yankees Respond to Rodriguez’ DL Stint?

After being hit by a hard Felix Hernandez changeup, Alex Rodriguez hit the ground, and subsequently hit the disabled list. The initial prognosis is a nondisplaced fifth metacarpal fracture. It means the bone is broken, but remained in the proper position. It also means, Rodriguez will likely be out for 6-8 weeks, as Eric Chavez speculated after his experience with the same injury. Although there’s a chance the third baseman will be back by the end of the season, the Yankee’s recent moves in acquiring Ichiro Suzuki in the wake of Brett Gardner‘s season ending surgery, show that the team is not prepared to enter the dog days of August and September with a weaker team. The new playoff system creates a dangerous circumstance for the wild card teams, and despite the 7 game lead they hold for first place, it would appear the Yankees don’t want to take the chance of a one game playoff series.

The current roster replacements for Rodriguez include Eric Chavez and Jayson Nix.… Click here to read the rest

Grappling with Granderson’s fielding stats

Granderson is a case where these old eyes do not get where the metrics are coming from. These eyes watched a lot of Bernie Williams in center and Granderson runs circles around Bernie. And yet, not only is Granderson ranked dead last among major league center fielders, he is dead last by a huge margin. His defensive metrics are downright Bernie-like.

Now people are always saying to not get wrapped up in just one year’s fielding data. They say to look at chunks of three years. Okay. Let’s do that. His first year with the Yankees was positive according to all the major sites. But last year’s fielding valuation threw Granderson under the bus and this year is heading in even deeper chasms than last. So the three year trend is sinking faster than Best Buy’s profit margin. And look at his UZR, which currently sits at -16.8. Of all qualifying center fielders, that is more than ten points worse than the second worse guy.… Click here to read the rest

Inside Hiroki’s turnaround


For more insight on Kuroda, visit RAB and read Joe’s piece on him from yesterday.

April and May weren’t necessarily too kind to Hiroki Kuroda. He had an up and down start to his Yankee career and generally left us wanting more, despite some good starts sprinkled in. Through April and May, Kuroda had a respectable 3.96 ERA, but his FIP sat at an ugly 5.15 and batters were hitting pretty well off of him: .267/.328/.445/.773 with ten homers in 61.1 innings. He didn’t walk many–21–but he didn’t strike out many either–37–and gave up a fair amount of homers–ten. June and July, though, have been much better. In the last two months, including last night’s game, Kuroda’s thrown 68 great innings. His ERA has been 2.78 and his FIP has been 2.74. Hitters have hit just .223/.271/.359/.630. Kuroda’s issued just 13 walks in that time, while striking out 66 and surrendering just 5 HR. What caused the turn around? Kuroda’s certainly a veteran pitcher who’s going to make adjustments, but what were they?… Click here to read the rest

Yankees cannot solve King Felix, lose 4-2. A-Rod hurt

Freddy Garcia pitched a good game if you look at his stats casually. But if you give up three runs to a team that has difficulty scoring and has John Jaso as its cleanup hitter, do those three runs count more like five? To be sure, he ended much better than he started. After Granderson gave the Yankees the quick lead in the top of the first, Garcia gave the run right back as Michael Saunders hit a bomb way out to right. Garcia then struck out the side in the second after a lead off single.  But he did not fare as well in the third and in the end, it was the third inning that cost the Yankees the game.

Brendan Ryan started the inning with a grounder up the middle that kicked off of Garcia’s foot. By the time the ball got to A-Rod, it was too late to make a play. After a deep fly ball to right, Michael Saunders hit a sharp single to right.… Click here to read the rest

Yanks Lose 4-2 To The Mariners, Lose A-Rod To Injury

There is no other way to say it: This game was terrible. The Yankee offense couldn’t get anything going and whenever they did get people on base, the good ol’ RISP fail reared its ugly head.

Of course, the worst news of the night wasn’t the loss. No, there was something much worse.

In the top of the eighth inning Felix Hernandez was having some control issues. He had plunked Derek Jeter to lead off the inning, threw a wild pitch while Curtis Granderson was up and then followed that up by hitting Alex Rodriguez on his left hand. Rodriguez was taken out of the game, got x-rayed and a non-displaced fracture of his left hand – more specifically, his left pinky is fractured. [insert a long stream of expletives here] So now, he is heading for the disabled list and just as he was starting to hit the ball. [insert another long stream of expletives here]

At the time of this recap there was no definite word on how long Rodriguez will actually be out but early estimates have his time away ranging anywhere from 4-8 weeks.… Click here to read the rest