How Will the Yankees Respond to Rodriguez’ DL Stint?

After being hit by a hard Felix Hernandez changeup, Alex Rodriguez hit the ground, and subsequently hit the disabled list. The initial prognosis is a nondisplaced fifth metacarpal fracture. It means the bone is broken, but remained in the proper position. It also means, Rodriguez will likely be out for 6-8 weeks, as Eric Chavez speculated after his experience with the same injury. Although there’s a chance the third baseman will be back by the end of the season, the Yankee’s recent moves in acquiring Ichiro Suzuki in the wake of Brett Gardner‘s season ending surgery, show that the team Continue reading How Will the Yankees Respond to Rodriguez’ DL Stint?

Grappling with Granderson’s fielding stats

One of the constant story lines over the past months involve the Yankees’ future plans for Curtis Granderson in light of the team’s self-imposed 2014 salary cap. After watching nearly every game Granderson has played this season, the mind keeps switching back and forth about his value to the Yankees. The twenty-seven homers are nice. The walk rate is above decent. His personality and attitude are first rate. But there are the strikeouts and then there are the fielding metrics. The strikeouts, if they come with an ISO of .262 and a wOBA of .367 are somewhat easy to swallow. But the fielding metrics? Hmm…

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Yankees to recall Ramiro Pena

I was just about to do a quick post on the Yankees’ internal options for filling Alex Rodriguez‘s roster spot, but that would be a waste now as Joel Sherman just reported that the Yankees will be recalling Ramiro Pena from Triple-A for the job. We’re all familiar with Pena, he’s generally solid on defense and on the bases and can play all over the field, but to call him “light hitting” would be a major compliment. I’m not going to tell you that his addition is ideal by any means, but there aren’t really any ideal options at all. That’s sort of what happens when you have to call on your supply of replacement players to fill a roster spot because of an injury. Pena will at least give them some versatility off of the bench that they wouldn’t have gotten with Brandon Laird or Corban Joseph, and he’s less likely to cause a five run inning in the field that Eduardo Nunez, who’s just coming off of the disabled list anyway. I wouldn’t imagine he’ll be starting much, as Eric Chavez and Jayson Nix figure to settle in to a platoon situation at third, and there’s still a chance the Yankees could make a move in the next week to acquire a new third baseman.

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Gardner has successful surgery

Brett Gardner underwent successful arthroscopic surgery yesterday in which doctors removed inflamed tissue from around Gardner’s right elbow, and also dealt with some bone chips in the affected area. Gardner is definitely out for the season now, but will hopefully be able to rehab the injury without setbacks now and be ready for Spring Training in February. Continue reading Gardner has successful surgery

Injuries continue to mount for Yankees, who have just kept winning

Here’s a quick rundown of some players who have gone on the disabled list at one point or another this year for the Yankees:

Michael Pineda, C.C. Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, Brett Gardner, Alex Rodriguez

In other words; their starting left fielder has essentially missed the entire season, their closer is out for the season after a torn ACL, and was followed to the disabled list by their All-Star setup man. Another of their top four relievers hasn’t been able to play yet this season either, and three starting pitchers, perhaps their three best, have been on the disabled list, with two of them hitting the 60 day DL and Pineda not throwing a pitch all season. In addition, Nick Swisher has had two injuries that required extended breaks but did not land him on the disabled list.

And now they add Alex Rodriguez and his fractured metacarpal to the list. It’s not yet clear how much time Alex will miss (Eric Chavez told reporters he’s had the same injury and it took him 6-8 weeks to recover from it, but that’s Eric Chavez), but a hand injury like that figures to leave lasting residual effects in A-Rod’s game even after he’s able to physically play again, so it’s probably not unreasonable to fear that his season is effectively over unless we get some unexpectedly good news today.

And yet, here it’s July 25th, and the Yankees are still holding tight with the best winning percentage in the game. That’s a fairly amazing factoid when you consider all of those injuries, and the importance of the players that they’re losing. In a way, I don’t really know how they’ve managed to do that in a division as competitive as the A.L. East, but it’s certainly a testament to the job Brian Cashman did in filling out this roster, and to the guys like Hiroki Kuroda, Rafael Soriano, and Chavez who have really stepped up to not just keep the Yankees above water, but steaming out ahead of the competition, still holding on to a seven game lead in the division.
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Inside Hiroki’s turnaround

  For more insight on Kuroda, visit RAB and read Joe’s piece on him from yesterday. April and May weren’t necessarily too kind to Hiroki Kuroda. He had an up and down start to his Yankee career and generally left us wanting more, despite some good starts sprinkled in. Through April and May, Kuroda had a respectable 3.96 ERA, but his FIP sat at an ugly 5.15 and batters were hitting pretty well off of him: .267/.328/.445/.773 with ten homers in 61.1 innings. He didn’t walk many–21–but he didn’t strike out many either–37–and gave up a fair amount of homers–ten. Continue reading Inside Hiroki’s turnaround

Yankees cannot solve King Felix, lose 4-2. A-Rod hurt

The New York Yankees had a couple of chances to score on one of the best pitchers in the American League and could not capitalize. Of course, the converse is Felix Hernandez (9-5) pitched his way out of tough jams and showed why he is one of the best. Either way, it adds up to a win for the Seattle Mariners, 4-2. Freddy Garcia, Hernandez’s idol growing up, pitched seven and a third innings before leaving for Joe Girardi’s bullpen carosel in the eighth. He had retired fifteen batters in a row upon his exit. He gets the loss and falls to 4-4.  Curtis Granderson hit his 27th homer in the first inning and went two for four for the Yankees. The real bad news of the game for the Yankees is that they have lost Alex Rodriguez who suffered a non-displaced fracture in his hand after being hit by a pitch.

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Yanks Lose 4-2 To The Mariners, Lose A-Rod To Injury

There is no other way to say it: This game was terrible. The Yankee offense couldn’t get anything going and whenever they did get people on base, the good ol’ RISP fail reared its ugly head. Of course, the worst news of the night wasn’t the loss. No, there was something much worse. In the top of the eighth inning Felix Hernandez was having some control issues. He had plunked Derek Jeter to lead off the inning, threw a wild pitch while Curtis Granderson was up and then followed that up by hitting Alex Rodriguez on his left hand. Rodriguez Continue reading Yanks Lose 4-2 To The Mariners, Lose A-Rod To Injury

A-Rod leaves game with broken wrist

Update: Via multiple reports on Twitter, it is in fact a broken bone in the left hand/wrist. No word on what exactly the recovery will be, but the lingering effect of an injury to the wrist at this point in the season is almost as bad as the actual time missed itself.

Alex Rodriguez just left tonight’s game after being hit in the wrist/hand with a pitch by Mariners’ starter Felix Hernandez. Alex hit the ground immediately upon contact and writhed at home plate in obvious pain, before leaving the field pretty much immediately upon being tended to by medical staff. Obviously you hate to think the worst, but it’s hard not to think it could be a broken wrist or something like that when watching the way A-Rod reacted. We’ll obviously update you as information becomes available, or in the morning depending on how late news break tonight. Continue reading A-Rod leaves game with broken wrist