Can someone get Brian Cashman a dictionary?

On the eve of the trade deadline, Yankees’ general manager Brian Cashman fielded a question about rumors that the Phillies were looking to trade Cliff Lee to free up payroll space and perhaps add some young players to their top heavy roster. Cashman’s response was something most of us probably never expected to hear come from a Yankees’ GM with a straight face.

“I’m not allowed to speak about another team’s player,” Cashman said before the Yankees’ eighth defeat in their last 11 games, this one by 5-4 to the Orioles.

“But if there was a hypothetical, mythical beast that makes like $25 million a year for the next ‘X’ number of years that became [available on] the market, we certainly could not participate in [acquiring] that level of financial talent.

Could not? That’s a funny choice of words. After all, the Yankees apparently weren’t under the impression that they couldn’t do that when they offered Lee a similar contract to the one he signed with Philadelphia after the 2010 season, and the team has neither added a new long term mega contract nor seen their substantial revenue streams dry up between then and now, so what does this “cant'” mean, exactly?

Well, it means that they can’t fit Lee into their plans to get below the luxury tax threshold in two seasons, and that’s where the Cashman is engaging in felony abuse of the English language with statements like this one. Because the Yankees certainly can add a player like Lee if they want to (and to be clear, I’m not saying that they should meet Philadelphia’s exorbitant demands for Lee), they choose not to do so because Michael and Fredo Hal and Hank Steinbrenner have decided not to look Bud Selig’s eight figure gift horse in the mouth, and are dead set on getting their cut of the revenue sharing refunds provided by the new CBA. And hey, all they have to do to qualify is cut their payroll, which means even more revenue ends up in their pockets as profit. It’s a win-win!

The bizarre thing about all of this to me is that there’s no indication that any reporters followed this up by pointing out to Cashman that the Yankees didn’t find the cost prohibitive two years ago. Actually, I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising; beat writers and mainstream outlets need access to the clubhouse and front office sources to do their job, and shining too much attention on the richest team (and least fan friendly) in the sport’s cost-cutting in the service of putting $10 million+ in extra profits in the pocket of ownership isn’t going to endear you to the guys who run the team (better to stick to trashing the team’s prized offseason acquisition in Spring Training, donchaknow).

But make no mistake, that’s what is going on here. The Yankees can do whatever the hell they want to do, but what they want to do is steer a larger portion of revenues into profits for ownership. Oh, and get rid of StubHub. For the good of the fans, of course.
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MRI reveals inflammation in Teixeira’s wrist

Via Marc Carig, an MRI revealed inflammation in Mark Teixeira’s wrist, but no structural damage, after the Yankees’ first baseman left last night’s game early after diving for a ball in the seventh inning. Teixeira took some PEDs received a cortisone shot to treat the inflammation, and he’ll be evaluated again in three days time. I guess that means he’s good to play in the meantime, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not in the lineup anyway tonight. Continue reading MRI reveals inflammation in Teixeira’s wrist

Gary Sanchez & Mason Williams Get A High-A Education

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod) No matter what order you’d rank them personally, there’s little doubt that Gary Sanchez and Mason Williams are the 2 best Yankee position prospects right now (and yes, the order in which I just mentioned them is how I would rank them).  With the way the top-tier pitching prospects have faltered this season, it’s not much of a stretch to say that Sanchez and Williams are the best Yankee organizational prospects period.  When you’re blessed with the natural physical gifts and core baseball tools in the way that these guys Continue reading Gary Sanchez & Mason Williams Get A High-A Education

Tuesday links

Some recommended reading as we wait for the trade deadline to come and go:

  • The Post’s Larry Brooks writes the most negative reaction to the Yankees’ austerity budget plans I’ve seen yet, which is probably the most interesting thing about it. Turns out it’s not so impossible to bring that nasty, nasty, New York media to heel after all.
  • Joel Sherman runs down the trade market for some big names, and big markets. Sherman specifically notes that the Phillies are “shopping” Cliff Lee by demanding a high end big league ready prospect in turn, and requiring the other team to pick up the bulk of Lee’s contract. Obviously that’s not how these things work, so it sounds like Ruben Amaro is really just looking for a bigger sucker than himself who wants to add Cliff Lee.
  • Dewayne Wise refused outright assignment to Triple-A, and the Yankees now have until Wednesday to trade or release him.

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If Tex has to hit the DL…

Good morning, everyone. Nothing like some good old Panic Button hitting to wake you up, huh? Anyway, Mark Teixeira left last night’s game with an apparent wrist injury, but thankfully, the x-rays were negative. Still, it makes sense to plan for the worst (even if our plans won’t necessarily be implemented) so let’s talk about what happens if Tex has to hit the DL with a wrist injury. The first thing that ran through my head seems a bit unconventional, but I think it’s worth a shot. If Tex has to miss time, why not call up one of the Continue reading If Tex has to hit the DL…

Ticket offers for the week via TIQIQ

Looking to head to the Bronx this week? Make sure you check in with our friends at TiqIQ for all your ticket needs. They’ve also got a deal via ScoreBig: Besides the already low prices for this week’s series in the Bronx, TiqIQ also has some great ScoreBIG/Make-An-Offer deal opportunities for you to rack up even more savings. These make an offer deals can’t be beat and tickets can sometimes be had for as low as $10, and you don’t have any pesky service or shipping fees to worry about. Just name your price and avoid all the hassles. 7/31 Continue reading Ticket offers for the week via TIQIQ

Tex leaves game with wrist injury, x-rays negative

Mark Teixeira left tonight’s game after appearing to hurt his hand or arm diving for a ball in the top of the 7th inning. He stayed in the game through the top of the frame, but left the game later and was replaced in the lineup by Jayson Nix. Hopefully it’s just a problem of soreness and nothing more serious, because the Yankees really can’t afford to lose any more starters to injury, least of all their hottest hitter right now. We’ll update you when we know more here.

Update: According to postgame reports Teixeira actually hurt his wrist in last night’s game and re-aggravated it tonight. Initial x-rays were negative, but Joe Girardi still called it a “big concern” after the game, which is never a good thing. Continue reading Tex leaves game with wrist injury, x-rays negative