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15 thoughts on “Scott Boras is not impressed with your austerity

  1. The Cano contract is going to be a big deal (pun not intended). I'd hate to see the Yankees stuck long-term with another A-Rod-like deal but that is what it will take to sign the guy. It will be fascinating to watch.

  2. I guess I'm going to be in the minority. Every time Scotty comes back with another demand – be it more money or more years – the team NEEDS to wave Alex's contract in his face.

    A lot of money for four years? A smaller annual payout, for 6? Sure. But you know they're not going there. And as much as I'd like to see Cano retire in pinstripes, I'd rather let him walk than be forced to spend the last four years of his contract whining about how bad it is. Which is what the "winning" team in this charade will be doing in 5 years.

    I'm afraid the boys will cave. It sucks, but that's how it will play out. The Yankees regularly get beaten by teams that don't overpay for aging stars – won't they ever learn?

    • I have to disagree. I do NOT see the Yankees caving this time. My gut tells me if they try and renegotiate at the end of this year they offer him 7 years $20 to $22MM per. If they exercise his 2013 option then offer him a deal starting in 2014 they go 6 years same dollar amount per. These are not the Boss's Yankees these are his son's Yankees and more specifically Hal's Yankees.
      BTW, I'm just as concerned if not more concerned that they don't go overboard with Granderson. After they exercise his 2013 option Granderson will be 32 years old. A 4 year deal for him in the $18MM per range is plenty in my mind. The amount of times he strikes out is mind-boggling.

  3. Four years, $28 mil/year. Give Cano the chance to fleece someone else, if he keeps up the numbers. Yankees won't have the boat anchor, ala A-Rod either.

    • Well, they won't have a second baseman anywhere near Cano's caliber in 2014 either.

      And as for that "boat anchor," it didn't keep them from winning the World Series in 2009, the A.L. East in 2009 and 2011, or making substantial contract offers to Sabathia, Tex, Burnett, and Cliff Lee either. Some anchor.

  4. And (in retrospect) they overpaid for Tex and Burnett; they paid way too much for the tail end of CC's contract – just to have him NOW.

    Had Lee said yes, chances are fans would be whining about that contract too.

    I GET the 2014 thing; otoh, will it be THAT hard to find someone of Cano's 2018 caliber in 2018? At half the cost? The entire concept of buying a lot of bad years to get a few good ones just doesn't work – that is being proven across the league. I'd rather suffer a down year than be stuck with a statue at 2nd base in 5 years.

    I hope to still be around to watch the team in 2018; if I knew I only had two years to live – SURE – go all out, and damn the future.

  5. Expecting Boras will only get 6 years for Cano is a joke. Even though Robbie will have just hit 31 years old at the end of the 2013 season, I don't expect Boras to get less than 8 years for him, and not at all surprised if he gets 9 or 10 years. 8 years for Tex who was like 27-28 is one thing, but signing guys into age 41, like Arod, is not something Boras is incapable of getting someone, anyone to do. The Dodgers look like to new Yankees in FA mentality, and with them, the Nats, the Rangers and of course, Boston for driving up the price tag's sake, replacing only Philly as big spenders, the price is going to be brutal. I expect no less than $25M per year and no less than 8 years for Cano. I think Boras will do better than Fielder money and look to approach Pujols 10 year/$250M money.

    Cano will be not just the Yank's best 2B ever by far when all is said and done, but another HOFer Yankee, retired number, homegrown talent legacy guy, and potentially, dare I say it, even future captain once Jeter has been retired for a few years.

      • That's a great point and all, except that Utley has had the same nagging injury for much of his career. Last time he played >150 games was 2009. Can you remember the last time Cano was on the DL? It's this time and place called never. He's averaged 160 games per year since being a full-time regular.

        All that being said, projecting a player's legacy before it's over, much less before he's 30, and having that influence his value in a contract negotiation is asinine. If the Yankees take the position that they *have* to re-sign him: well at least let me borrow some lipstick mom. I want to look pretty the next time I decide to get effed.

  6. Boras knows this and the importance for the Yanks to pride themselves in homegrown talent. Remember, he was Bernie Williams' agent and got them to overpay to keep Bernie from signing with Boston. Core 4 added a lot of value in recent years after bringing in the big money guys like Tex, CC, Arod, AJ, etc. We touted Phil Franchise for years as the 2nd coming and then traded Montero and the current Killer B's are all moving backwards. This all gets considered and Yanks are simply going to have to rupture the bank to overpay Cano. Fair market value is out the window come negotiation time. Even if it means they don't sign Granderson.

    I'm all for it. Every big name FA is getting not just overpaid in dollars per year, but in # of years. 12 years for Joey Votto into his 40's?!?

    Better budget AT LEAST $25M for Cano per year and get ready for the next contract that will become an albatross halfway through it, like Arod, AJ, Giambi, etc.

    But they will and he will spend his whole career as a Yankee.

  7. Boras is just doing his job, which is to get the best possible contract for his client. Ultimately I do think the Yankees will re-sign him. I suspect the recent penny pinching by the front office was done with Cano's upcoming contract negotiation in mind.

  8. I'd like Cano especially if the dollars prohibit the Yanks from signing Granderson, who really is just home runs (not extra base power) nowadays, with very little else.

  9. Trade him in the off-season for Upton/Bruce/Stanton/Heyward + some, and bring up Adams/CoJo to play 2nd next year.

  10. Another consideration: How long will Cano be able to play second? Rod Carew moved to first base the month before he turned 30. Pete Rose moved from second to the outfield when he was 26. In both those cases, it was to protect the players from the greater risk of injury to second basemen, but there is going to come a time when Cano's defense declines, and combine that with the inevitable decline offensively as he ages, and I can't see an eight-year, $200 million contract making any sense. He'll wind up an average-hitting, minus-fielding corner outfielder. If the Dodgers or Rangers want to pay for that, geh gesunder heit!