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2 thoughts on “Wednesday links

  1. I really don't care for Nova's chirping about how "good" his stuff was last night. It is far too reminiscent of Phil's saying nothing is wrong, before finally missing most of the season with his "dead arm." Ivan is a big boy – he needs to face up to it when he has an abysmal game – how else is he ever going to fix what is wrong?

    As for "solid" over the season – perhaps – but he's been noticeably worse for his last 8 starts – unless a 5.28 ERA qualifies as good. Which, it might, in Nova's world. Shoot – Andy looked like a Cy Young candidate until he broke his ankle – but he hasn't won a game in July. At least Andy has a good excuse.

  2. There's a difference between self-confidence and delusion. Right now, I'd have to say Nova is bordering on the latter. He gives up 7 runs in one inning, and he attributes it to bad luck? Yeah, if there were errors committed behind him, or a lot of seeing eye hits, he could say that. Otherwise, it's more of a case that he just sucked last night. One of the veterans needs to sit him down and explain things to him. Like, you're not as good as you think you are, and if you don't realize that and work to improve, you never will be.