God save the king! Felix reigns in New York with two-hit, complete game 1-0 win

The way to beat a pitcher like Hernandez–and I mentioned this in the pregame, noting that it was a truism about baseball–is that you need to take any chance he gives you. You need essentially spotless pitching and to get hits whenever he gives you an opening.

Well, the bombers got another impressive outing from Hiroki Kuroda, who threw six innings of one run ball–Mike Carp (Mike Trout’s less delicious cousin) dropped a two-out RBI single into left field in the second–and the bullpen tossed three innings of shutout ball. Normally, one run in nine innings is enough for this Yankee offense.

But not today. This was not a case of traditional Yankee OMG-RISP-OMG mania; rather, this was a game where they were simply dominated. They didn’t take their chances because they didn’t get any chances. They had one runner in scoring position all game–Robinson Cano in the first inning–and only three other base-runners total. This was not a case of missing clutch hitting; this was a case of missing hitting period.

And we know why the hitting was missing: Felix Hernandez was just that good.

And there’s really not that much more to say about it. Sure, the Yankees have now lost seven out of seven one-run games, and haven’t come back when trailing after eight innings all season (not very 2009-like), but that’s not the story today.

Today, the Yankees should tip their hat–or bow–to the King and move on. Sometimes, it’s best to just applaud when your team gets rightfully beat.

God save the King.

2 thoughts on “God save the king! Felix reigns in New York with two-hit, complete game 1-0 win

  1. I was at the game; it looked *worse* in person. I’ve seen Swish K looking before, but not like today. He didn’t even believe it.