No Felix, no problem: Yanks edge M’s 6-2

I don’t mean to be totally dismissive of the Mariners–it’s not like Freddy Garcia was King Felix or anything, and they did get a lot of walks–it just seemed like the Yankees were in control of the afternoon. After Raul Ibanez homered in the fifth inning to put the Yanks back up by two, both teams seemed set on cruise control: the Yankee bullpen was flawless again, with Logan, Robertson and Soriano putting up fantastic outings, and they put the game to bed after Garcia exited in the seventh.

It was an important win for the Yankees, who took the series from Seattle–their first win in their past three series. They go into a very tough four game set against Detroit at Comerica with some momentum, the first time they’ve had any in a couple weeks.

  • Ichiro Suzuki added a sun-aided double in the bottom of the seventh, extending his hitting streak with the Yankees to twelve games, and tying the record for longest hitting streak to begin a Yankee career. For what it’s worth, this might be the lamest hitting streak I’ve ever seen: most people actually look good when they’re on a hot streak, while Ichiro looks like he’s just scraping by when he gets a hit. His offensive game is predicated on getting hits, so it’s good to see him, you know, doing that. But still, I feel a bit cheated with the whole hot streak thing.
  • I still think he’s a great addition.
  • But whatever he is, he’s not as funny as this guy:
  • Don’t you feel like Hiroki Kuroda deserved to be today’s starter? I don’t know, but I feel like he deserves an easy win.
  • Ackley’s error was funny; his reaction to the ball going through his legs was priceless.
  • Seriously, how many more times in the next five years do you think you’ll read the phrase, “Jesus Montero was the only Mariner to muster up any offense”?


One thought on “No Felix, no problem: Yanks edge M’s 6-2

  1. Agreed – Ichiro's singles look worse than Freddy's pitches. Luckily for the Yankees, sometimes that's enough. (Ichiro DID get a home run. Insert Blind Pig and Acorn line here)

    Today Freddy did what Nova claims to do – limit damage. He didn't look good; the game drug on forever, until the relievers finally came into the game. But they did get a win – I'll take that over Nova's "stellar" 7 run loss.

    Not that I want to see either one of them on the mound in game 4 of the ALDS.