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3 thoughts on “Ivan the Not-So Good

  1. Really starting to get concerned/disappointed in Nova’s performance this season for the Yankees. He’s been inconsistent at best. When the Yankees tie up a game or give him a lead he quickly gives back the runs. I honestly feel all the praise thrust upon him at the end of the season last year has gone to his head. I think it's time to knock down his ego a bit. Maybe it's just skipping a start for him and letting Phelps pitch that game, but something needs to be done.

  2. Well, his .335 BABIP isn't helping. But the real difference I see is an over-reliance on breaking stuff. He has thrown his fastball 54.1 percent of the time this year compared to 61.5 percent of the time last year. He is getting tattooed on the breaking stuff, making me wonder if he is tipping his pitches.