Sabathia’s elbow hurting

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5 thoughts on “Sabathia’s elbow hurting

  1. ScotT

    Wasn't this kind of thing fairly common when Rothschild was in Chicago?

  2. Jacques

    Put Phelps in the rotation and when CC comes back boot Freddy off. Of course, Girardi won't do this, it is only my wishful thinking

  3. Norm

    Is there like a elbow virus working its way through the Yankee organization? This is the fourth player this season to have a problem. Let's see, we have Campos, Gardner,Banuelos, and now CC, unless I forgot someone. What's up with this? Seems kind of strange.

    • Jacques

      No it's not an elbow virus. When you're trying to throw 95 mph or a slider the elbow and the shoulder are supposed to hurt. It's what every players go through. Simple, basic physiology

      • Norm

        Dude, I'm aware there's no such thing as a "elbow virus". It's just kind of strange there've been a rash of elbow injuries in the organization this year.

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