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5 thoughts on “Yankees sign Derek Lowe

  1. I don't understand this move. I know the adage is that you can never have too much pitching, but by this point of the season doesn't it make much more sense to give Phelps or Warren or *cough* Joba *cough* the start if further injuries occur? How long is Joe/Cash planning to keep these guys either in the bullpen or the minors? It's not like they are little kids

    • Agreed. I realize management would say Phelps isn't stretched out but it wouldn't take long to get him where he needs to be. I'm not sure why the Yanks think signing a 39-year old with atrocious numbers for the last few months is a good move. I'm surprised they haven't tried to sign Jamie Moyer yet.

      • I think even soon to be 50 Jamie Moyer would be too old for this club. Then again, you never know.

  2. I have to keep an open mind and try to put a positive spin on this. We could get lucky with this signing and maybe he might win a few games for us. He did actually know how to get ML hitters out for several years and was pretty decent. It is not like he cost us anything but money which is not ours anyway.

    • He did actually know how to get ML hitters out for several years and was pretty decent

      Yeah, well that was then – this is now. Irrespective of what he once "knew" how to do the question is whether he retains the physical ability to do so. The most recent evidence suggests that the answer is "unlikely".

      They "need" to do this because the dicked around Phelps. Once they had him stretched out in the minors and striking out tons of guys they stuck him back in the bullpen so retread Freddie Garcia could stay in the rotation.

      What's next, seeing if Ron Guidry or Whitey Ford have anything left in the tank?