Michael Pineda busted for DUI

4 thoughts on “Michael Pineda busted for DUI

  1. a57se

    I didn't like this trade from the beginning and it is looking worse all the time………

  2. jay_robertson

    Well – it coulda just been from boredom….after all, our own poster boy, Joba, got busted for dui after playing the "Do you know who I am?" card.

    On the second brightside – at least he wasn't beating his wife or raping a child. Not to our knowledge.

    Otoh, this doesn't make a shaky trade look any better.

  3. NoVa Yankees

    So far this year Montero performed at a replacement level player with majority of his starts as a DH.

    • a57se

      If Montero is a replacement level player then R. Martin is even worse as Montero has better all around stats. The only category Martin leads in is HR's 13 to 12. I would take a 22 year old over the 29 year old Martin in a heartbeat.

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