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5 thoughts on “Rick Sutcliffe wants…what?!

  1. Sutcliffe is a dinosaur. Ive hated him since he made such a big deal about the fact the Yankees GM is named CASHmam. His claim to fame is he was a Cub. Three letter word for loser.

  2. In this world of political correctness in which we now live, it will be interesting to see if someone indeed agrees with the take that this idea is blatantly racist and will he be treated similarly to others who have been castigated for similar ideas and comments. Which would mean he'd be fired, which would be no great loss to the broadcasting community.

  3. This is preeeetty horrifying. I'd start a petition to get this guy fired, but somehow I feel like that would do nothing. So instead I'll stare silently at the computer in breathless outrage.

  4. Rick, call your sponsor and get to a meeting right away, you are setting yourself up for relapse!