Game 124: Cleveland Spiders at South Side All-Stars

New York Yankees Chicago White Sox
Derek Jeter, SS Dewayne Wise, CF
Nick Swisher, RF Kevin Youkilis, 3B
Robinson Cano, 2B Adam Dunn, 1B
Mark Teixeira, 1B Paul Konerko, DH
Andruw Jones, DH Alex Rios, RF
Curtis Granderson, CF A.J. Pierzynski, C
Russell Martin, C Dayan Viciedo, LF
Casey McGehee, 3B Alexei Ramirez, SS
Ichiro Suzuki, LF Gordon Beckham, 2B
Phil Hughes, SP Chris Sale, SP

The first pitch is scheduled for 8:10 p.m., on YES and ESPN2. Let’s go Yankees!

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78 thoughts on “Game 124: Cleveland Spiders at South Side All-Stars

  1. smurfy

    It will be more amazing to see Sales keep all those elbows and knees poking in the right direction that long.

  2. Phil C

    Lead off double, leads to nothing. I think the Yanks need to face Sale a few times before they’ll hit him.

    • smurfy

      can’t be easy

      • Phil C

        There’s a lot of veteran hitters in that line up who know how to make adjustments. Third time through will be the charm.

  3. smurfy

    Phil spotted that fb right on Ramirez’ hands, twice in a row, right on the black, then hit the low outside corner. That was nice. Andy maybe gave him some good advice.

    • Phil C

      Jeter for manager, with Andy as pitching coach.

      • Phil C

        Oh wait. Jeter wants to be the owner.

        • smurfy

          he oughta practice at manager, and I’m sure Andy would pray on it, but I’ll bet the golf course wins.

  4. Phil C

    UNDER THE BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR DEPARTMENT: A know a lot of folks, me included, would like to see Nova removed from the starting rotation, but certainly not with a sore shoulder. So, in keeping with the astronomical theme, Super Nova may get replaced by the Phelps Comet that just seems to keep coming back around all year.

    • smurfy

      I’m hoping the shoulder tightness is just a strain, the product of trying to force something. Maybe a 15 day chance to regroup is just what the doctor ordered.

  5. smurfy

    Yeah, he prefers to throw his hard one high, because it’s got extra movement, rising. The one to Dunn acted more like a two-seam fader.

  6. Phil C

    Not sure on the play-by-play. Davis? Color of Kruk. They’re fair. Kruk tends to gush alot about players on both teams.

  7. smurfy

    Dominic, or Phil C. the master of obscure references, who/how did the Cleveland Spiders come into this game?

    • Phil C

      Dominic wins.

  8. Phil C

    I hope Hughes can hold off CWS until the Yanks face Sale for the 3rd time.

  9. smurfy

    Quite a glove man, our Robbie.

    • Phil C

      He & Tex saved Hughes. However, I do like the movement on Hughes’ FB tonight.

      • smurfy

        I saw a good one to get a Rios high whiff. I also saw one pitch, unsure it was fb, leak right into the middle. Konerko fouled it, would have been more accurate if it had gone to the corner.

  10. smurfy

    prob the same feed, I guess it’s a difference of interpretation of what is doable. Yeah, he didn’t clear it, but he looked to be doing a fine jig.

  11. smurfy

    Whoa, Tex plucked the game out of the air, speaking of glove men. Hope Phil can figure out a more controllable game plan between innings.

    • Phil C

      I’d love to be able to see the dugout and whether Andy speaks to him.

  12. smurfy

    guess that’s good, but only the Rays matter. We have to start winning, we’re just over 500 since the allstar beak. We had that tremendous 15 – 20 game stretch, which cancelled a bad stretch, but the motor has been missing the last while. Yeah, we were 7 – 3 just before Chicago, so it doesn’t take much to re-establish.

    We play the Rays when?

    • Phil C

      Sept 3-5 at TB, then Sept14-16 at YS3

      • smurfy

        hate that damned dome mit plastic fuzz, with its spitting sands.

        • Phil C

          Whoever designed that placed show be drawn and sixteenth.

  13. smurfy

    I pretty pissed at Kruk for some attitudes he’s taken toward Swish, and toward the Yanks in general. He has tones of voice to enrage.

    • Phil C

      Sometimes he tries to hard to be funny. He interviewed Dunn, and Dunn is hilarious. When asked best advice he got last year, Dunn replied, “Take two weeks off then quit.”

  14. Phil C

    Nice quick 7 pitch inning by Hughes. He’s going to need several of those tonight.

  15. smurfy


  16. smurfy

    Beckham is establishing a SOP.

    • Phil C


  17. smurfy

    Slo Mo showed McHehee got Wise.

    And I believed Ichi.

  18. smurfy

    When Phil dials it up, he loses fine control on the fb. The one that struck out Dunn was up a bit, but missed his inside target by a foot. Had enough fizz to do it.

    • Phil C

      Movement also makes it hard to square up on it.

  19. smurfy

    Who’s announcing on Espn? Fair?

  20. Phil C

    They were just gushing how Sale had K’d all the lefties he faced. Then Cano!!!!

  21. Phil C

    Not a good AB by Jones. He needs to get hot again….TONIGHT!

    • smurfy

      Ken Singleton said he wished to have swung at the first one, which he let go by. He was behind the 8 ball from there. Sale’s 94 looks faster, probably due to his huge reach, and forward release.

  22. Phil C

    I’m a little surprised Hughes didn’t come out for the 8th. His velocity was there and his control had not deteriorated.

    • smurfy

      maybe Joe didn’t want him to face Rios, and wanted to start a clean inning with Robertson. Robertson looked tentative with Dunn. He’s throwing sliders. Somebody (you?) said he doesn’t have his curveball.

      • Phil C

        Not me. It looks like his stride is shorter.

      • smurfy

        with Youk, I meant.

  23. smurfy

    Hughes performed a perfectly timed hop on the comebacker, but it was right between his shoes. Definitely wouldn’t want to kick that hard one.

    • Phil C

      On the ESPN replay it looked like he jumped after the ball was past him.

  24. smurfy

    Phil should pitch Beckham inside- yep, that’s what he popped up.

  25. Phil C

    Rays won, but the rest of the AL East is losing tonight.

  26. Phil C

    Dave O’Brien is doing the play-by-play.

  27. smurfy

    Wow! What a dp! Robbie doing the NY Ballet pivot.

    That was so sweet. His pirouette and throw, Jeter juggling and lunging over the runner, and Tex stretching to nip ’em.

    • Phil C

      And Jeter’s pixie leap to avoid the slide. Baryshnikov eat your heart out!

  28. Phil C

    I think that Sale’s body motion is faster on his FB than on his off speed stuff. But then again it’s probably all in my mind. If it really was someone would have picked up on that by now.

    • smurfy

      interesting – never thought to even try to see such.

  29. smurfy

    best medicine I can imagine, like water to a thirsty person.

  30. smurfy

    Jee, Derek, you are my hero.

    Krukie probably choked on his gush.

  31. smurfy

    oh, yeah, enjoy your day off. What will I do?

    • smurfy

      one nice thought, if you’re still there: Robbie hit two tonight, against tough pitching. Great hits, here he comes.

  32. smurfy

    Konerko, Rios and Dunn. Phil’s handled Dunn, got by Konerko, and failed with Rios. Big inning.

  33. Phil C

    Hughes needs another quick, effortless, shut down inning,

    • smurfy

      quick, but quickly leaked one.

  34. smurfy

    Rios looks like the great ballplayer that Toronto paid after the ’08? ’09 season?

    Did he hit a curve?

    • Phil C

      4 seamer. Looked like it drifted away from Rios just a little, whereas most of the time that pitch has drifted into right handers.

  35. smurfy

    Big battle with Martin, won with a close-enough fb near the outside corner. Martin couldn’t wait to see if he could reach it.

  36. Phil C

    Gonna be tough to win this one. If Hughes gives up another run it’s probably over.

  37. smurfy

    I haven’t seen a changeup, and the was huge last time. Guess he couldn’t throw it well or have trust in it.

    Beckham almost hurt him again on that high middle to out pitch.

    • Phil C

      Hughes has pitched very well tonight. Just up against one who pitched even better.

  38. Phil C

    McGehee looked good the first few games, but lately has been a dud.

    • smurfy

      yeah, it’s a hard thing to shoot par and birdie when you’re a ten hasndicapper. Wayne Wise got a running start, playing “his heart out” (his words, with the Sox, today), and has hit the ground running in Chi-town. Ichi’s been impressive, for an old guy.

  39. Phil C

    I’m surprised Itchy didn’t try to bunt against Sale. The way he falls off the mound, a drag bunt should have been an easy hit.

    • smurfy

      good idea

  40. Phil C

    Damn, great play by Beckham.

  41. smurfy

    Beckham’s getting his mojo going ‘gainst us, durn his hide.

  42. smurfy

    I’m not listening to YES tonite, just watching. Every time I turn the sound on, they’re talking about a Jeter Yankke record. Tonight it’s strikeouts, and excuses, er, perspective.

  43. Phil C

    The Yanks have due up who’d they want. For %@&@’s sake win one in the 9th!

    • smurfy


  44. smurfy

    Robbie shot one past the fencepost.

  45. smurfy

    Reed throws a hard 94, too, and spots it well. Erk.

  46. smurfy

    Oh, I wish, I could love a poorade.

    Doo doo de dod oooooooo.

  47. Phil C

    Leads down to 3…..I’m am OFFICIALLY concerned. Now they really need to go to Cleveland and sweep them.

  48. Phil C

    Chat at ya Friday night.

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