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5 thoughts on “Pettitte could be back in 2013

  1. Games like last night make me HOPE the geezer comes back. If for no other reason than to try and instill some pitching mojo into Nova and Hughes. And any other young guy who will listen.

  2. His 8-figure days are gone and he knows it. Too much of a risk in his 40's and has no other options. Maybe better than $2M like this year, which is about right for contributions so far, but I would expect heavy on the incentive-laden side and not an 8 figure guarantee at all. Remember, we came back cheap before for like $5M, to then get paid more then next offseason after a big year. I don't see more than $4M-$5M max.

    • I would say that, given the way he pitched upon coming back, if he comes back strong and has a good outing or two in the postseason, the Yankees probably wouldn’t quibble about giving him a $10 million salary for one year.

  3. If his former buddy Clemens somehow finds his way to a major league roster, I think the odds on an Andy return next year go to near 100%.