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16 thoughts on “Rumor: Joba could be sent down

  1. Agreed, but pitching in the MINORS might be better for everyone involved. He's hurting the team up here, so he would get sporadic work at best which would just exacerbate the problem. The minors would allow him to pitch regularly and really focus on working out the kinks. Call me naive, but I don't think he'd take it personally and if anything, he would work hard to make it back.

    • I think that's probably about right. The advantage to being in the minors is that he could treat it as a rehab stint of sort, getting regular work at a point where results can be secondary to allowing him to get back to form. I don't think it would be something he would take personally at all, given the context.

  2. Up with the big club, he should be working out the kinks with Rothschild…that would be more beneficial, in my mind, then just throwing in the minors……….

  3. Here's my question. When Joba was doing his rehab work in the minors, we were getting reports he was hitting 97 on the radar gun and dominating hitters (albeit, minor league ones). He hits the majors, and his velocity is down, he's stuggling with his location, and he can't get hitters out consistently. So, what's going on here? Were those glowing reports incorrect? Just wondering.

        • Well, I think that sort of says it all. It's hard to figure out what adjustments you need to make to get major league hitters out by facing minor league hitters. As for the velocity, some of that might have been because he was just cutting it loose at certain points, seeing what the arm could do. Or because he could blow those fastballs by minor league hitters in a way you can't big league guys. I don't know, but it's clear Joba needs a little more polish right now.

    • Minor league hitters will swing and miss at pitches out of the zone. And when they make contact, it will not be good contact. Joba can get away with poor location at AAA.

      • By that logic, a trip to the minors won't help. If one applies the same logic to our two killer Bs, they aren't going to be killing anytime soon, since they aren't making anyone miss in AA or AAA.

  4. The argument could be made that the biggest mistake the Yankees made in the past 6 years was making Joba a reliever and then screwing around with his innings before moving him in and out of the rotation.

    I've felt bad for him because of it, and this is the cautionary tale for how not to handle a young pitcher. DET at least had some logic with Porcello, and the same with CWS and Sale this year – skipping a start or two, extended breaks around the ASG.

    • Don't get me started on how the Yankees screwed up Joba……..if I was a lawyer, I'd sue the crap out of them for negligence in the way they handled him……