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5 thoughts on “Nova placed on DL with shoulder inflammation

  1. Well – not a big surprise. With all the talk about sending him down – this way, he can come up with "inflammation," go on the DL – and its not his fault, he doesn't get sent to the minors – business as usual, all's still good in Ivan's world.

  2. Who's been talking of sending Nova down to the minors??? I doubt seriously he's done for the season. His fastball was typically 94 to 95 in that last start, if it was 90-91 I would be more concerned………

    • About half the blogs, after his last start. The bloggers, not the unwashed masses like us. Girardi's apparent anger seemed to remind folks that Ivan "had options" and might be better served getting his act together in the minors, once CC comes back.

      Then again, others want to send Joba down.

  3. You really are Little Mary Sunshine, aren't you Brien? ;-)

    I say, wait and see. Maybe it's a big deal, and he's done, or maybe it's a little deal that can be addressed with rest and anti-inflammatories. It certainly explains the drop-off in quality the past few starts. Let's hope for the best.

  4. I wouldn't rule out Girardi using 3 man rotation in the playoffs. CC, Kuroda, Hughes that is. Problem with this is if CC can handle 3 days rest after spending time in DL… Gotta hope Nova and Pettitte are healthy