Red Sox v. Dodgers, Ichiro’s Hot Streak, and Granderson’s Defense

In just two hours, David Phelps and Ricky Romero will duel at Yankee Stadium. Meanwhile, the Rays will be in Texas for the next three games. That makes this a pretty big series if the Yankees plan to regain any significant lead on Tampa. Here are some links in anticipation of the 7:05 PM start on YES.

  • At The Captain’s Blog, our own Williams Juliano compares how the outlook of both the Red Sox and the Dodgers have evolved since last year.  While one team looked to shed payroll and one earned the title of “Best Team Ever”, the roles have quickly reversed in 2012.
  • Mark Duggan at Pinstripe Alley wonders why Curtis Granderson has such poor defensive numbers. There are a number of different factors that Duggan digs into, but in recent days I personally feel the Yankees have very poorly scouted shifts. When you watch the Rays, you’ll see how well the team can predict where the ball is going, but the Yankees always seem to be a step away, and I wouldn’t be surprised if defensive numbers are tainted by this.
  • Finally, Nick Fleder at The Hardball Times has a wrap up on the AL East as we head into September. He has the Yankees playoff chances at 99.2% and the Rays at 66.5%. Looking over the race, August was a huge month for both the Rays and Orioles, who pulled away early from the Red Sox for the first time in years.


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One thought on “Red Sox v. Dodgers, Ichiro’s Hot Streak, and Granderson’s Defense

  1. Poorly scouted shifts?

    More like Granderson is concerned more about hitting homeruns than playing all-around fundamental baseball like he did last season.

    The guy has turned into a hacker constantly looking for a homerun.