Dodgers inquired about Sabathia, Teixeira

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11 thoughts on “Dodgers inquired about Sabathia, Teixeira

  1. a57se

    What would the impact be if the Yankees just released A-Rod?

    • BrienJackson

      You're more or less looking at that scenario right now with him on the DL.

      • a57se

        I meant financially………A-Rod hasn't contributed much offensively the last couple years anyway…..

        • BrienJackson

          If they released him they'd have to pay the remaining balance of his contract while someone else paid him the minimum to be their DH.

  2. Mike Nagle

    I would have taken the Teixeira deal in a heartbeat. Signing him was a bit of overkill considering the alternatives the team had both in the farm system and on the roster of aging stars. You could have gotten Swisher more time at 1st also and replenished some space in the minors.

    • BrienJackson

      I'd take the deal too, but Tex would have blocked it, so it's all moot. As for the alternatives, what were they? I guess they had Swisher and Xavier Nady when they signed him, but Nady missed the whole season and wasn't great to begin with.

      • Mike Nagle

        True on Nady. Those of us old enough to remember the 70s recall Don Gullett and Rawly Eastwick. Their only appearances annually seemed to be the yearbook or the trainer's room. We also had Shelly Duncan who could have platooned at 1st with Swisher or also Montero could have been groomed unless he became the Edgar Martinezesque DH prototype.

        • BrienJackson

          Yeah, I don't think Shelley Duncan is really a good answer if the question is "what is the alternative at first base?". And Montero was never going to be groomed to play first, certainly not back in 2009 when he was demolishing the Eastern League. he was going to catch for the Yankees or be traded as a catcher to maximize his value. Reasonably decent hitting first baseman aren't all that hard to acquire.

      • Mike Nagle

        BTW I'm not so sure Tex wouldn't have wanted to try playing for Mattingly since he idolized him growing up. Either way – fun to speculate. He's an East Coaster. I get it.

  3. Anders

    In what universe would the Yankees part ways with CC Sabathia right now?

  4. jay_robertson

    Or, more to the original point, in what opium fueled universe would anyone take Alex off the Yankee's hands? Unless they got a deal much like the one moving AJ, A-Rod is on the team, til death do they part.

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