Game 129: The Split Squad Lineup

I could take a somewhat optimistic approach to analyzing this lineup and point out that it’s a righty-heavy group against a southpaw that has been battered by most every opponent – gaining the platoon advantage against such a pitcher may well be icing on the cake. A more pragmatic mindset may note that Romero has historically been better when faced with the platoon disadvantage, holding righties to a .672 OPS … as opposed to a .844 OPS against left-handed batters. Though, I suppose that has been narrowed a bit this year (.741 OPS v. .892), and many of the Yankees ‘lefty-mashers’ haven’t lived up to that profile (meaning Romero may well lose his platoon disadvantage advantage) – so, there’s that.

The pessimist in me is too baffled at the presence of Steve Pearce and Russell Martin batting fourth and fifth, respectively, to say anything witty or snarky.

Onto the line-ups:

Toronto Blue Jays New York Yankees
Rajai Davis, LF Derek Jeter, SS
Colby Rasmus, CF Nick Swisher, 1B
Edwin Encarnacion, 1B Robinson Cano, 2B
Adam Lind, DH Steve Pearce, DH
Yunel Escobar, SS Russell Martin, C
Yorvit Torrealba, C Curtis Granderson, CF
Mike McCoy, 2B Andruw Jones, RF
Moises Sierra, RF Jayson Nix, 3B
Adeiny Hechavarria, 3B Ichiro Suzuki, LF
Ricky Romero, SP Phil Hughes, SP

The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m., on YES. Let’s go Yankees!

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65 thoughts on “Game 129: The Split Squad Lineup

  1. Time for YANKEES baseball!

    • Phil C

      The hell with Yankees baseball. I want a Yankees’ WIN! A crushing defeat of the BJs.

  2. Phil C

    Surreal experience. A guy gets cut by the worst team in baseball and then bats clean-up for the Yanks!

  3. Phil C

    When I first say the lineup I immediately wondered what drugs Girardi was taking. But at LoHud they posted the triple slash for batters 4 thru 9, and Pearce & Martin have the highest slg% vs. lefties.

    No matter what the batting order this is an important game because there is no way the Yankees should 2 out of 3 vs. Toronto at home. Hughes needs to pitch well and several batters must contribute to overcome the fact that this is not really a formidable lineup.

  4. Professor Longnose

    So far, this game doesn’t have me dancing for joy.

    • Phil C

      Sitting for sadness?

  5. Phil C

    Horrible first batter for Hughes. 0-2, the an 8 pitch walk.

  6. Phil C

    Great throw by Martin. Saves Hughes bacon.

  7. Phil C

    First inning & each team has a strike-em-out, throw-em-out DB.

  8. Jeter was a sitting duck between the bases. Strike ’em out, Throw ’em out DP. DAMN!

  9. Phil C

    35 pitches in two innings with no hits is way too many. Hughes has to get more efficient and save the pen. Are Robertson & Sori available tonight?

  10. Professor Longnose

    Two on, one out. Runs!

    • Phil C

      They got one now. Gonna need more. O’s jumped out to early 4-0 lead after 3 innings.

      • Professor Longnose

        Will Hughes cough it up immediately?

        • Professor Longnose

          He’s trying. Too long shots to the deep parts of the park.

          • Phil C

            Wheeew. Looks like Hughes’ CB is breaking nicely, but having problems throwing it for strikes.

  11. Phil C

    Good night Michael. Dream up some runs for the Yanks.

  12. Professor Longnose

    Night. Hope the job’s worth it.

  13. Michael

    How is it the 4th and the Yankees have only scored 1 run against this guy?

    • Phil C

      Ummmm. Damned if I know.

  14. Professor Longnose

    Score that run from second or face my wrath!

  15. Phil C

    I can’t believe Pearce went on that. The ball didn’t go far, if Torreable picks that up he’s dead-to-rights.

    • Professor Longnose

      They scored. I’m wrathless, temporarily.

      • Phil C

        Come on Professor, how about some multi-run wrath. Do your best Ricardo Montalban. (sp?)

        • Professor Longnose

          Might be a little too early. Maybe around the 7th inning.

          • Phil C

            Got any fine Corinthian leather?

  16. Phil C

    I don’t mind solo HRs too much, but when they are to bums and guys with zero prior HR, that’s disgusting!

  17. Professor Longnose

    Two shutdown innings from Hughes was too much to ask for.

  18. Professor Longnose

    All right, you jackasses, how about an actually multirun rally?

  19. Phil C

    It’d save my liver!

  20. Michael

    “In the fifth your ass goes down. Say it Butch.”

    • Professor Longnose

      Pulp Baseball

  21. Professor Longnose

    Hey, Itchy: Go scratch!

  22. Professor Longnose

    Come on, Jeter, how about a hit when it means something?

  23. Phil C

    After too many drinks, I’m the one sliding.

  24. Michael

    Come on Cano. Add to that RBI total. 2-0 be selective

  25. Michael

    Damnit man!!

    • Professor Longnose


      • Phil C

        Not as frustrating as the way Hughes is pitching. I doubt he’s thrown an 0-2 strike yet tonight.

        • Professor Longnose

          Hughes, you bloody fool, start pitching! We don’t need this amateur crap!

  26. Phil C

    Damn, that was too close from Lind.

  27. Professor Longnose

    Let’s see, we can credit that to luck or brilliant pitching. Let’s go with…er…

  28. Phil C

    Nice play by Cano. Thank God for DUMB baserunning by Rasmus.

    • Michael

      Strong arm right there

  29. Phil C

    What a horrible inning for the Yankee batters!

    • Professor Longnose

      Romero 90 pitches through 6.

  30. Phil C

    Lung disease and those who can’t stay home are 0-0 in top of 3rd.

    • Professor Longnose

      They gotta start winning and stop worrying about the rest of the league.

    • Michael

      im glad I dont have to see that anti smoking ad anymore with the emphysema patient. Just kinda off putting when im enjoying a ball game

  31. Michael

    Cant stay up any more. fadin in and out of sleep. Early morning shifts suck. Gnight all

  32. Phil C

    The Yankee hitters sure made Romero look like a Cy Young candidate tonight.

    • Professor Longnose

      It’s a bad lineup.

  33. Phil C

    The Yanks need some runs here. I don’t feel comfortable with Sori pitching with a one run lead.

    • Professor Longnose

      I say 7.

      • Phil C

        No argument.

  34. Phil C

    I need a drink! Maybe several!

    • Professor Longnose

      It would be nice to have a 1-2-3, wouldn’t it?

    • smurfy

      drink to sliders that slide right past ’em.

  35. Phil C


  36. smurfy

    Oh, yeah! A night to cheer! Yay!

    • Professor Longnose

      Not exactly a dominating performance, but a distinct improvement over yesterday.

  37. Phil C

    Looks like Sori’s slump is over!

  38. Phil C

    Hughes was nerve wracking to watch, but effective.

  39. Phil C

    Chat at y’all tomorrow.

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