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4 thoughts on “Pitching comes through for Bombers in 2-1 victory

  1. Very well-pitched (and fielded) game. Loved Cano's play – I dislike his apparent lethargy in the field more than many, but tonite he looked good.

    As for the lineup being "un-Yankee-like" – I don't see it changing soon. Was talking to the wife – for position players, who is missing? Gardner, Rodriguez, and Teix. Agreed, with Martin catching, its like we are fielding an NL team – but its been like that all season. Likewise, our DHs won't be mistaken for Ortiz – but they've been the same, too. Gardy's been gone all year and it'll be a crapshoot if Alex comes back in anything close to "game" condition. Or Tex and his calf.

    I sure HOPE the real team shows up – but I'm pretty sure what you saw is what we have. Right now, the Giants are almost as fearsome on offense.

  2. Hughes 12 quality starts in his last 16 starts. He's really turning out to be a solid #3 starter for the Yankees. And I might add a much needed one.

  3. I almost forget, amidst all the foo-faraw about the pitching; did anyone else see the play, late in the game – our esteemed right fielder, Mr. Jones, actually WENT TO THE WALL and CAUGHT a ball. And then threw it back to the infielders.

    Miracles will never cease.