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4 thoughts on “Cashman “not surprised” by Colon, Cabrera tests

  1. He can have an opinion. Just because some folks here are firmly of the opinion that PEDs do nothing to enhance performance, I can easily agree with everything Cashman said. What's the worst thing he said – that he's "Not surprised?" Unless you're arguing that everyone else in MLB is astounded that either one dropped dirty, I don't quite get it.

    As for Chavez (and Jeter) – I'm just hoping they have better advisors than Melky and Colon.

  2. So if he had said nothing but cliches you would be happy with that? What is soooo wrong with people being honest?

  3. I agree that the comments could have been more diplomatic, but there is a flip-side to this. Usually free agents try to some how link the Yankees into the conversation to raise their potential payoff. I generally don't have a problem with this tactic as players should get as much money as the market will yield. However, Cashman's comments make it harder for Melky's agent to play that particular card of using the Yankees name to get there.

    Even with the suspension though, I'm sure Melky will get a lucrative contract to play somewhere next year. (It won't be as much as it would have been prior to the suspension, but it will still be a heck of a lot more money than the minimum salary.)