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3 thoughts on “Long raves after A-Rod’s BP

  1. Actually, the role players (outside of maybe Andruw Jones) have stepped up about as much as you could expect during this siege. But what's distressing is the age old problem of situational hitting and fundamental baseball. The Yankees left at least two (and maybe three) runs on the table yesterday with their inability to move a leadoff double around with a couple of well placed outs. Two runs in that game could have changed Girardi's mindset with an upcoming day off, although I'm not sure how he could have used the bullpen differently given the recent workload for Soriano and Robertson. The next ten days will tell us all we need to know.

  2. And you guys were saying team is performing well without me. Since when .500 record qualified as paying well. Are we in Boston? Btw, I'm glad that varitek is gone because I don't want to worry about fighting him with his mask on and re-injuring my hand.

    Get your pop corn ready because here comes Alex Rodriguez.

    • I'm thinking about making a grand entrance. Perhaps a 3 run shot to the deep center off of price on the very first pitch? Thoughts?