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9 thoughts on “A-Rod could return as early as Monday

  1. It's amazing how obviously important Arod is to this team's lineup… and how even more obvious it is that 75% of all yankee fans (at least) just wish he would go away

    It's a weird dynamic

    • It's all about the money, stupid.


      Yankee fans despise the fact that the team will be paying him when he's 42 years old.

      • yeh, because yankee fans loved Arod BEFORE that contract was signed…

        i don't buy it… there are certain people whom other people just… don't…. like…

        it is what it is

  2. Is A-Rod a power hitter? Certainly, he was a power hitter but his slugging percentage has declined from a league leading .645 (!) in 2007 all the way to a .449 clip this year, his lowest total since he slugged .408 as a 19 year old. I can understand your worry about this injury affecting his power, wrist injuries often do. I'm doubly worried because age seems to have sapped so much of it already. However, since almost 70% of his hits this year have been singles, maybe the effect to his slugging will be minimal since there really isn't much room for it to decline as long as he maintains his average and OBP skills. I guess we'll see!

  3. Can we please leave the soap box for redsox fans? Yankee fans please stop your whining about my contract. It is what it is and no one held a gun to the head of Yankee brass when I signed my new contract. They paid what they thought I was worth to the franchise. Hell, they probably have already cashed in or will do so eventually.

    On a lighter note, can we please sign a petition to get me a three man body guard team? Their sole purpose will be to jump anyone who plunks me. Ask Jerry jones about how to get me those body gaurds.

    I am about to go off. You just watch.

    • I forgot to add something: I'm thankful to all of you. I'm glad I will be able to be activated on monday. I can't wait to add myself into my fantasy baseball lineup.

    • Alex, THIS Yankee fans loves you, and wants you back in the middle of that great lineup, cuz u make it that much better! Plz come back monday, or sooner! We (Yankees and their fans) CANT let the Os get any closer!!