Game 131: A Fistful of Dollars

Get three coffins ready.

The next 16 games are the biggest of the year. Three teams are left contending for the AL East playoff spot, and over the next two weeks, the Yankees will play 13 games against the Orioles and Rays. This is the stretch-run, these are the most important games of 2012, and the Yankees, Rays, and Orioles will be willing to sacrifice just about every resource to survive. No matter how it plays out, all three teams will be beaten and exhausted following this set.

Tonight, we have the Orioles. The underdogs of the AL East. It’ll be painted as a match up of young and gritty players against the rich and old Yankees. Will veteran wisdom be on their side, or will the team’s collective age inspire retirement by the hands of Baltimore? Who will overcome? There’s no time for narratives now, the Orioles will aim for the heart.

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Curtis Granderson CF
Eric Chavez 3B
Raul Ibanez LF
Russell Martin C
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Jayson Nix DH

On the mound, we have Hiroki Kuroda and RHP Miguel Gonzalez dueling it out.

The game is at 7:05 pm on YES. Out of towners can catch the game on the MLB Network. Go Yankees!

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57 thoughts on “Game 131: A Fistful of Dollars

  1. Hey Professor. How the hell did you get Girardi to change the rotation so you didn’t have to see Freddy pitch tomorrow?

  2. I was hoping for a deep playoff run and possible WS win this year because I don’t see them being competitive again for another 4 or 5 years. Too many contracts with players in their decline, too little in the farm system (especially the next 2 years), and too few young impact players available as FA.

    • It depends what they decide to do with some of these aging players. The Yankees do have some turnover coming in the outfield and catcher, not to mention if they have the balls to move ARod to the Michael Young position of DH and rotating infielder to protect his legs and give them a super sub. Also tradeing Granderson so they dont have to give 100+ million to a poor defensive outfielder who is basically the Adam Dunn of outfielders

      • They’ve been very cheap this year. But perhaps if they get under $189 after 2014, they’ll be willing to go higher again with less lesser luxury tax penalty.

      • I wonder what they could get for Granderson with one year left on his contract. Certainly they’ll be better off with Gardner in CF.

    • Posted on Yeah, Chance, I am with you on Robin Curtis she is a terrifying Vulcan, peparhs even scarier than Laurence Luckinbill.Steve, are you serious? Did Spock hook up with Saavik someplace and I missed it? Are you sure you’re not thinking of the Kim Catrall Vulcan from Undiscovered Country?

  3. I looked up AL MVP winners after I made my mental guesses for that quiz (only got Maris), how about this for a streak:

    1963 — Elston Howard, C, New York
    1962 — Mickey Mantle, CF, New York
    1961 — Roger Maris, RF, New York
    1960 — Roger Maris, RF, New York
    1959 — Nellie Fox, 2B, Chicago
    1958 — Jackie Jensen, RF, Boston
    1957 — Mickey Mantle, CF, New York
    1956 — Mickey Mantle, CF, New York
    1955 — Yogi Berra, C, New York
    1954 — Yogi Berra, C, New York

  4. Come onnnn. Think of this though, these are the most important games the Orioles have played in the last 15 years

    • Appreciate it but no can do. Got lots of errands to run unfortunately. Thanks though

      • I wasn’t really serious. Just expressing my lack of excitement over the team.

  5. Game’s officially over! Sure there are technically 2 more innings, but the Yanks just don’t come back in the 8th & 9th. And the O’s have Stoop & Johnson.

  6. Our frozen cousins leads lung disease 2-1 in bot of 7th, so maybe the Yanks won’t lose ground in the WC race.

  7. They should have panicked a week ago. Maybe they would have played better.

  8. Just wonderful to see Swisher rounding into post-season shape tonight. I thought that clown saved those types of swings for the post season.

  9. Girardi sucked as a player and is the worst manager in baseball. Last night Hughes was done, dumbass leaves him in, blows game, today had Martin on first, no outs suzuki at bat, no doubt bunt into scoring position, suzuki flies out double play next bat, He needs to go, even with all the injuries. He needs to open pizza joint leave managing to people who know baseball.