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One thought on “Gonzalez dominates Yankees, O’s cut division lead to two

  1. Feel free to be tired of Lowe; I watched on MLB – he looked worse than his line showed. He had nothing – if everyone hadn't already given up after the 6th, he would have been pulled much earlier. His performance last night reminded me of the game in 2011 when AJ was giving up hit after hit, and kept looking to the dugout for Joe to bail him out. And Joe never did.

    Good idea for the price, but really – Joba could have done a better job.

    Can I be tried of Cano? No matter HOW well Gonzalez was throwing the ball, Cano was fooled badly, time and again. When a hit or even a sac fly would have made a difference, he was swinging at balls bouncing in front of the plate. No one in the lineup had worse at bats, although Granderson came close. At least Granderson swung at balls in and around the strike zone. Cano thought low rollers were fair game.