Yankees to remain on WCBS in 2013

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5 thoughts on “Yankees to remain on WCBS in 2013

  1. williamjtasker

    And on a clear night in northern Maine, you can still get the WCBS signal on the radio. It will be the end of an era and a sad day when that is no longer possible. But life goes on.

    • BrienJackson

      For that reason though, I don't really see the Yankees ever making the switch to ESPN Radio. The Cardinals did that a few years ago and, a) Cardinals fans who couldn't get the games on the radio any more were irate and, b) the team wound up switching back, figuring that the extra money in the short term wasn't worth the damage to the brand in the long run. This would be an even bigger problem for the Yankees, I would think, what with having the Mets in town too. Even in the age of team owned RSNs, I doubt you want to completely cede huge swaths of the territory to your in market competitor's radio broadcast.

      I still think that, if there's a switch anytime soon, it's more likely that the Mets wind up on ESPN and the Yankees slide over to WFAN.

  2. mscott

    I live in central Connecticut and 98.7 is a serious non-starter. So I'm set to lose the Yankees and Mike & Mike (and I'm a whopping 82 miles from NYC). Maybe I'll pick up my sports info on ESPN Deportes — not. Although I'd rather listen to sports in Spanish than Foxsports Radio….

  3. On the other hand, you can stream ESPN 98.7 FM on the ESPN New York website, which annoyingly WCBS either cannot or does not do. I would be all for them sticking with WCBS if they simulcast games on the net.

    • MLB’s rules would prohibit them from streaming live games for free. Have to buy MLBTV or At Bat if you want that.

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