Yanks’ Division Lead Shrinks To Two Games With A Loss To Baltimore

How most of us feel right now

Abysmal: Extremely bad; appalling

That’s the word I’d use for tonight’s loss to Baltimore. And thanks to that dreadful showing by the Yankees, their Division lead is down to two games.

Hiroki Kuroda didn’t help his own cause when he gave up two singles and a sac fly to start the second inning. It put the O’s up 1-0.

In that same inning, with a man on second Mark Reynolds blasted a home run into left field to make it 3-0 – he would add a second dinger in the ninth inning of Derek Lowe which gave the Orioles a 5-0 lead.

One positive – look, I’m trying here – was that Kuroda pitched into the ninth inning. He gave up four earned runs on eight hits, struck out four and didn’t walk a batter – he gave up another home run in the sixth to J.J. Hardy.

The Yankees offense was held to just four hits by Orioles starter Miguel Gonzalez. He struck out nine and walked one. The fifth Yankees’s hit was Granderson’s home run which came off of Brian Matusz in the ninth.

If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments. I’m going to drink some wine… (Yeah, yeah it’s just a game blah blah blah.)

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7 thoughts on “Yanks’ Division Lead Shrinks To Two Games With A Loss To Baltimore

  1. fuster

    great snapshot.

    the offense is gone w/o ARod and Tex and also w/o Cano doing more than voting “present”.

  2. sherripizza

    Hopefully the next game goes much better. Who’s the little girl in the picture? You when you were little?

    • Stacey Gotsulias

      No, just some random angry little girl I found when I did a google search.

  3. Hawaii Dave

    What pisses me off the most is Swisher’s comments about how he like’s where the team is. He totally ignores the mathematical fact the Yanks are 23-23 in their last 46 games for another mathematical fact that it was just one game in 162. My beloved Yankees are on another streak that few people understand. The New York Yankees are on a 400 game streak of not panicking. They never panicked once during the 2010 season and actually still thought they would win the world series 2-3 minutes after being eliminated from the playoffs. Same in 2011 when they didn’t start to panic until they realized game 5 was over and there would be no game 6. And through August 31st 2012 you won’t find a nanogram of panic in this Yankee clubhouse either. Nick Swisher said that if he were told they would be 2 games up September 1st he’s take it in a heartbeat. He must see something I don’t see. I see a team that is 23-23 in their last 46 games with a lot of key players injured. I don’t know. I see nothing to admire in a team that doesn’t panic. Not panicking has not made them play better. Maybe a little fear, a little anger, a little emotion might translate into some enthuiasm….cause this “What? Me Worry? Isn’t that the big eared guy on the cover of Mad Magazine?

    • fuster

      where the team is….is first place.

      that’s pretty likable.

      • Hawaii Dave

        King Fuster the 1st…..the eternal optimist. As recently as last season, there were 2 teams “in” the playoffs on September 1st…and they really liked where they were….and yet…by the end of the season, they seemed to “not like” their position…which was out of the playoffs.

        • fuster

          so you’re saying that last year, rather unexpectedly, only 4 out of 6 teams in first place ended the regular season satisfactorily.

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