Jeter’s Four Hits Not Enough For Shaky Bullpen, 9-6

It felt like the longest 9 innings ever. Two blown leads and 3 hours and 44 minutes later, the Yankees emerged from their first game in Chicago with only a 4.0 game lead in the AL East. With an injury plagued team, we all knew August would be a tough month, but the situation is getting more dangerous with the surging Rays looking unbeatable. Freddy Garcia was shaky in the beginning of this game, and worked through some rough jams in the first and second inning. Through the third, fourth, and the beginning of the fifth inning, Garcia looked as Continue reading Jeter’s Four Hits Not Enough For Shaky Bullpen, 9-6

The Farm Report: 8/20/12

Empire State beat Buffalo 7-5:
The Bisons started the scoring with a pair of runs on a Matt Tuiasosopo homer in the top of the second. Melk Mesa hit a solo shot in the bottom of the inning, as the Yankees trailed 2-1. Brandon Laird drove a homer to left center in the fourth for a 2-2 score. The Yankees took the lead in the fifth. With two outs, Corban Joseph struck out, but was safe at first on the wild pitch. Another wild pitch moved him to second and Eduardo Nunez followed with a single, plating Joseph. Nunez stole second and scored on a single by Laird, giving the Yankees a 4-2 edge. They added a couple more runs in the sixth, as Mesa started the inning wiht a single and Fukudome drew a walk. Ramiro Pena hit a bunt single, loading the bases. Chris Dickerson hit into a force at second, scoring Mesa. A single by Nunez scored Fukudome and the Yankees had a 6-2 lead. Nunez drew a walk in the eighth and stole second. Austin Romine lined a single to center, bringing home some insurance as Empire State held a 7-3 lead as Buffalo got ready for their last swings. The Bisons put up a fight, plating a pair of runs, but the Yankees held on for the 7-5 victory.

Nunez went 3-4 with two runs scored, three stolen bases and two RBIs. Laird went 2-5 with a run scored, a homer and two RBIs. Mesa went 3-4 with two runs scored, a homer and a RBI. Ramon Ortiz threw seven strong innings, giving up three runs (two earned) on seven hits, no walks and three strikeouts.

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Game 122: Woe is Pineda

Michael Pineda is in the news for the first time in what seems like forever, as he was … drum roll, please … arrested for drunk driving. I am not sure what aspect of this is most depressing. Is it the fact that this is the first news we’ve heard on Pineda since his surgery? The fact that this piles on to the purported make-up and maturity issues leaked from the Mariners? Or the fact that the only image Yankees fans have of Pineda involves his being out of shape and, now, drunk? In actuality, it’s all of the above. Continue reading Game 122: Woe is Pineda

Game 122 – Freddy back on the South Side

The New York Yankees traveled overnight to Chicago to begin a three game series against the Chicago White Sox. The series has some meaning for both teams as the Yankees try to maintain their cushion in the American League East. The White Sox are a game and a half up on the Tigers and hope to bounce back from a terrible series against the Royals. The pitching match-up is scheduled to pit Freddy Garcia against Gavin Floyd. Garcia used to pitch for the White Sox so he is going home in a way.

There is a hysterical bit on the MLB Network’s Intentional Talk called something like, “An impartial moment with Ken Harrelson.” Harrelson, the White Sox’ broadcaster is famous for his “homerism” where he gets very excited if the Chicago team wins and nearly silent and grudging when the opposing team wins. The bit on IT plays on one of those moments (good or bad) with Harrelson. Hilarious.  The goal of the Yankees this weekend is to make Harrelson as grumpy as possible.

Freddy Garcia is 5-5 against his old team with an ERA of 4.46. Pretty much along the lines of his overall performance. Gavin Floyd is 2-2 against the Yankees in the last five years, but he has a high ERA of 5.98. He is either pretty good against the Yankees or terrible.

The White Sox have a trio of batters in small slumps. Kevin Youkilis has been nursing a sore knee and is four for his last twenty-three. Alex Rios is two for his last thirty and Gordon Beckham is two for his last eighteen. Robinson Cano had a hit last night for the Yankees to break a long streak without a hit.

The Lineups:

New York Yankees:

  1.  Derek Jeter – SS
  2. Nick Swisher – DH
  3. Robinson Cano – 2B
  4. Mark Teixeira – 1B   –   He’s back!
  5. Curtis Granderson – CF
  6. Eric Chavez – 3B
  7. Raul Ibanez – LF
  8. Ichiro Suzuki – RF
  9. Chris Stewart – C

Freddy Garcia – SP

Chicago White Sox:

  1. Dewayne Wise – CF  (remember him?)
  2. Kevin Youkilis – 3B
  3. Adam Dunn – DH
  4. Paul Konerko – 1B
  5. Alex Rios – RF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski – C
  7. Dayan Viciendo – LF
  8. Alexei Ramirez – SS
  9. Gordon Beckham – 2B

Gavin Floyd – SP

Game time is 8:10 and can be seen locally on the YES Network Continue reading Game 122 – Freddy back on the South Side

Pinstripes Prove Slimming for Hiroki Kuroda’s ERA

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog; follow me on Twitter at@williamnyy23). Can Hiroki Kuroda handle the pressure of New York? That was the question on the minds of many when the Yankees signed the 37-year old right hander during the offseason, but since then, Kuroda has proven that pinstripes suit him just fine. With about eight more starts remaining, Kuroda has posted the best ERA, on both a real and adjusted basis, of his career, despite crossing over to the more menacing A.L. East. He is also one win shy of his all-time high and on pace to throw the Continue reading Pinstripes Prove Slimming for Hiroki Kuroda’s ERA

Michael Pineda busted for DUI

Several sources, including the New York Post, are reporting that Michael Pineda was arrested for drunk driving in Tampa early this morning. You can read the link for all the gory details. Needless to say, Pineda is not having a good year. First, a career-threatening shoulder injury and now this. You have to wonder if this might have been one of the triggers that sent him away from Seattle after showing so much promise last year. Or, to give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps this was a one-time moment of stupidity. Either way, it is a black eye for the young man and for the Yankees’ organization. Continue reading Michael Pineda busted for DUI

Coming Soon: Yankee September Call-ups

September, and the expanded rosters that come with it,  is just ten days away. The Yankees are a banged up team, piecing together strong performances out of a range of bench and platoon players. This will let up some when Alex Rodriguez, C.C. Sabathia, and Andy Pettitte return, and Mark Teixeira gets healthy, but the Yankees will still need their 2nd string players to play significant time. In fact, given the season-long involvement of the Yankee bench in regular play, this may be the most important group of September call-ups in recent franchise history. There’s a couple of complications that Continue reading Coming Soon: Yankee September Call-ups

What’s up with Eric Chavez?

If you had told me that the Yankees were going to play Eric Chavez for 82 games and counting this season, I’d have told you that it was a great idea … in 2002. If you had then told me that Chavez would hit .300/.357/.536 I’d have thought you were talking about 2002. Of course, that gaudy line is not Chavez’s line from 2002. In 2002 Chavez hit .275/.348/.513. The first set of numbers I’ve thrown up there is what Chavez has hit this season for the Yankees. In case you’re wondering, the man he replaced at third, Alex Rodriguez, Continue reading What’s up with Eric Chavez?