No time to waste in Pettitte rehab

Unfortunately, the minor league season will be ending very soon, and though Empire State and Trenton will both be playing in their respective postseason tournaments, there will be limited opportunities for Pettitte to make rehab appearances in the minors, something that everyone is well aware of. “Whenever he does get on the mound, the process is probably going to have to be accelerated just because of the time frame,” manager Joe Girardi said yesterday. Girardi then indicated that Pettitte could rehab by throwing some simulated games, and perhaps getting stretched out on the fly in the major leagues. “If a guy can only give you maybe 60-75 pitches, you could do it because the roster is expanded,” Girardi said.

Obviously the ideal thing would be to get Pettitte minor league work if at all possible, but failing that I see no reason why he couldn’t rehab in September. As Girardi says, the expanded rosters will give the Yankees the ability to carry extra relievers, thereby absorbing the strain of having a starter with a very limited pitch allowance.… Click here to read the rest

Should Mark Montgomery be called up?

Montgomery, of course, has rocketed on to the prospect radar thanks to his ridiculous strikeout totals and wipeout slider. After being promoted to Double-A this season, well, not much has changed from what he was doing in Tampa. In fact, his strikeout and walk numbers are both better in the 22 innings he’s pitched for Trenton than they were in Tampa, and he owns a 1.34 FIP to go with a 2.05 ERA. Montgomery is continuing to toy with minor league hitters as he begins to move up into the higher levels of the farm system, and an arrival in the Bronx seems like it will come some time next year at the latest.

In the meantime, however, the Yankees actually do need reinforcements in their bullpen, stat. After thriving earlier in the season thanks to some deft mixing-and-matching by Joe Girardi and a surprisingly good (and ultimately unsustainable) performance by Cory Wade, the Yankees’ middle relief corp has hit a real skid of late, and other than Rafael Soriano and David Robertson, there isn’t a single middle reliever in the pen I’d feel comfortable bringing in to even a medium leverage spot in the game in a non-platoon situation if I were the manager of this team.… Click here to read the rest

Who needs facts when you’ve got Jon Heyman?

“Did Roger Clemens use “PE”DOTTUBHA*?,” however is not such a question, however. The answer is a matter of fact, not opinion. If one person answers that question in the affirmative while a second person says “no,” one of them has to be wrong. Therefore, when Heyman says “opinion,” he really means “belief.” And his belief in this sense is grounded on shaky evidence, at best.

But oh, the trial. You’ll notice again how Heyman conveniently conflates his language when describing Brian McNamee, Clemens’ accuser, by declaring that the jury “didn’t like” him (which is mighty generous of Heyman, considering that McNamee is an admitted drug trafficker who’s been accused of rape and all) rather than that the jury didn’t find him to be a credible witness against Clemens. I can certainly understand how Heyman could mistake the two, but in the context of a criminal trial, it’s a non-trivial distinction.

Heyman saves his biggest howler for his finish, however:

Everyone who’s followed this at all thinks George Mitchell got it right, and Clemens juiced with the worst of ‘em.Click here to read the rest

Pondering September call ups

The first thing to keep in mind is that the call ups are limited to players already on the team’s 40-man roster. That rules out relievers that could help out like Mark Montgomery and Kevin Whelan unless they are added to the roster, which is unlikely. But Justin Thomas and Cory Wade are on the 40-man roster and could be called up to thicken the bullpen up…though not necessarily make it better.

We are sure to see Steve Pearce, just acquired back from the Houston Astros (written before he was actually called up). With Mark Teixeira due to miss some time, Pearce might see some playing time, particularly against left-handed pitching. Good old Eduardo Nunez can give the Yankees another option as he can be pushed to third against left-handed pitching to allow Casey McGehee to play first.

It seems almost certain that the Yankees will call up a catcher. Both Austin Romine and Francisco Cervelli are on the 40-man roster, so which one would it be?… Click here to read the rest

Does Joe Mauer Make Sense For The Yankees?

Yesterday, the Twins put catcher Joe Mauer on revocable waivers. Now that the five time allstar has cleared, there is a possibility for some late season trade magic. At one point, this may have been wishful thinking, but with $133 million owed until 2018, a recent injury history, and a year removed from an awful season, there’s a good chance that the Twins would make Joe Mauer available.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America

He’s put together a solid season in 2012, a .309/.403/.425 triple slash in the small confines of Target Field. Although he’s hit just 8 homerun, Mauer has strung together some pretty impressive power numbers in the past. In 2009, the year of his MVP, and the last year of baseball in the Metrodome, he hit 28 homeruns. He hasn’t touched the same homerun production since, but there is still double power in his swing. Some of this you can blame on Target Field, but there also seems to be something in the water in Minnesota.… Click here to read the rest