Dodgers Want Sabathia/Teixeira, Montgomery, Ichiro And Japanese Commericals

Here are a few links as we wait for the 7:05 PM start, Ricky Romero v. Phil Hughes.

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Soriano blows off reporters, life goes on

On the other hand, Soriano compounded matters somewhat by ducking out of the clubhouse without talking to reporters, which will cause fire and brimstone to be rained down upon you even if you’re Albert Pujols. It’s the second time Soriano has done that in his tenure with the Yankees, and predictably enough the reaction has not been kind. It’s also been predictably silly, as demonstrated by this attempted indictment of Soriano by John Harper of the Daily News. Some choice nuggets:

The problem for Rafael Soriano is that no matter how superbly he has handled his current job, he’s not Mariano Rivera.

No, Rafael Soriano is not Mariano Rivera. I suppose there’s no arguing with that fact. This, however, isn’t really a problem for Soriano, in so much as no one is Mariano Rivera. I feel like I make this point every time we get these “how will the Yankees live after Mo?” bits, but if you take the premise that Rivera is the greatest closer of all-time seriously, it necessarily follows that every other relief pitcher is inferior to him.…

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David Robertson Looking Like Mariano Rivera

Everyone misses Mariano Rivera, except for maybe Rafael Soriano, but I swear I saw him pitching the other night. Yes, it’s almost blasphemy in Yankee land to compare anyone to the great Rivera, but David Robertson has come closer than anyone I’ve seen. The Sandman loves playing baseball, he lives for his team, and he...

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