Pearce replaces McGehee on active roster

The newly acquired Steve Pearce is in tonight’s lineup as the starting DH, and per Mark Feinsand, Casey McGehee has been optioned to Low-A Charleston to create room on the active roster for him. That might seem like an odd move, but with Charleston not going to the postseason in the South Atlantic season (sidebar: how odd does that sound after the way they started this season?), McGehee will be able to return to the big leagues when their season ends next week, and won’t have to wait to full 10 days to be eligible to return to the majors after being optioned. Continue reading Pearce replaces McGehee on active roster

Dodgers Want Sabathia/Teixeira, Montgomery, Ichiro And Japanese Commericals

Here are a few links as we wait for the 7:05 PM start, Ricky Romero v. Phil Hughes. The Dodgers contacted the Yankees about acquiring CC Sabathia and/or Mark Teixeira. Of course, the Yankees expressed no interest, although Alex Rodriguez was probably a counter offer. Matt Keegan at Pinstripe Alley believes Mark Montgomery might be the answer to the recent bullpen woes. The relief pitcher has only spent 21.0 IP in Double-A, and the chances of a call up are extremely slim, but I agree with the sentiment. Scouts have called his slider major league ready since last season, and Continue reading Dodgers Want Sabathia/Teixeira, Montgomery, Ichiro And Japanese Commericals

Tuesday Afternoon Ruminating: T-Minus 34 Games

Today is Tuesday August 28, 2012 and the New York Yankees have 34 games left in the regular season. With all but six of those games being against their American League East foes, it would seem the Yankees’ destiny is in their own hands and that same destiny can be altered by teams who would be more than thrilled to send them home. One of those teams who would love to be a spoiler are the Toronto Blue Jays, the team the Yanks are currently playing. Last night’s loss to the Jays was disappointing for multiple reasons: It looked like Continue reading Tuesday Afternoon Ruminating: T-Minus 34 Games

The Yankees’ (mostly) unheralded starter

It’s pretty funny for me to look back and remember writing this four months later, but then, Phil Hughes was really, really awful for the first month of the season. After tweaking his approach before his May 1st start, however, Hughes has been another pitcher entirely, and the transformation has been one of the more unheralded reasons the Yankees are currently sitting in first place in the A.L. East.

Here’s the skinny: since the end of April Hughes has logged 133.2 innings pitched, and in that span he’s pitched to a 3.69 ERA and has a strikeout to walk ratio of 108-29. He’s also got 13 quality starts in that span, out of 21 games started, and has finished at least seven innings nine times. It hasn’t been ace caliber pitching by any means, but it’s certainly been solid, middle of the rotation caliber production.

Most interesting, however, is that a lot of fans don’t seem to notice how well Hughes has been pitching for most of this season. As commenter uyf1950 said before Hughes’ last start (when he held the first place White Sox to two runs over 7.2 innings, incidentally), it does seem as though a lot of Yankee fans are much quicker to notice when Hughes fails than when he pitches well. I don’t really know why that is, though I suspect it has something to do with his failure to live up to the projections of him being a potential number one type starter, but it is what it is. Hughes might not ever develop into that kind of pitcher for the Yankees, but right now he’s found a recipe for being a very useful part of the team’s rotation, and I personally feel pretty good whenever his turn to start comes up. Continue reading The Yankees’ (mostly) unheralded starter

Pettitte, A-Rod, making progress

Yesterday was a pretty craptastic day for the Yankees, what between a disappointing late inning collapse against the Blue Jays and Mark Teixeira suffering a calf strain that will cause him to miss at least a week or two getting healthy, but the team did get some good news elsewhere on the injury front. Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettitte both got good news after their latest round of x-rays, and will be taking the next step in returning from their respective injuries. Pettitte, who has already suffered one setback from being too vigorous in his workouts, will begin throwing off of flat ground as he works his way back from a fractured ankle, while A-Rod’s broken wrist has healed well enough that he can begin taking batting practice. Ivan Nova also says he’s feeling well, and is “optimistic” about being able to return from the disabled list as soon as he’s eligible to do so, though truth be told I’m not sure that I really want to see him back in that role again this season. Assuming Pettitte is able to return sometime next month, I’d probably rather see David Phelps stay in the rotation as the fifth starter over Nova right now.
Continue reading Pettitte, A-Rod, making progress

Dodgers inquired about Sabathia, Teixeira

This big Red Sox-Dodgers trade has really thrown Joel Sherman for a loop. Yesterday he was getting kicked around a bit for declaring that the Mets are the real losers in the deal, and today he took to the Post to advise the Yankees to try to get the Dodgers to take Alex Rodriguez‘s contract off of their hands, something that no doubt has already crossed the mind of approximately every Yankee fans and their unborn descendants. He does, however, drop the fairly interesting nugget that the Dodgers did inquire with the Yankees about taking on the contracts of C.C. Sabathia and/or Mark Teixeira.

Where A-Rod is concerned, I find most of Sherman’s logic to be self-refuting. Even putting aside whether or not Alex would waive his 10-and-5 rights to go to L.A., he just doesn’t make a lot of sense for any team in the National League, where he won’t be able to get time in as a DH now or in the future, and the fact that the Dodgers talked to the Yankees about other players but didn’t offer to take on A-Rod, even though the Yankees almost certainly would have said “YES!!!!!!11111!1!1!” to such an arrangement, pretty much says it all about their interest in him.

As for C.C. and Tex, it’s interesting that the Dodgers wanted to pick up those contracts, but not terribly surprising that the Yankees weren’t interested. Sabathia has a big contract, but the Yankees just extended him this past autumn, and he’s been his usual ace like self this season absent a couple of trips to the disabled list for minor ailments. Considering the long term outlook of their starting rotation right now, Sabathia is still a huge part of their future. Teixeira, on the other hand, the Yankees might consider moving given how much his performance has slipped in the early part of that contract, but he has a full no trade clause and made it abundantly clear back in 2008 that he wanted to play on the East Coast, where he grew up, so I suspect that as much as anything the brass saw no part in risking hurt feelings by even talking about a move that Tex would surely block. Continue reading Dodgers inquired about Sabathia, Teixeira

Soriano blows off reporters, life goes on

Rafael Soriano didn’t exactly cover himself in glory on the field last night, giving up a three run go-ahead home run to Colby Rasmus with only one out left to get for his 34th save of the season. That was annoying, but it does happen. Even Mariano Rivera gave up the occasional home run to blow a save here and there, I swear. You just have to deal with the annoyance until the next time the team wins and remind yourself that, a) it happens to everyone and, b) Soriano has been stellar at his job this season, which is what really counts.

(click “view full post” to continue reading) Continue reading Soriano blows off reporters, life goes on

David Robertson Looking Like Mariano Rivera

Everyone misses Mariano Rivera, except for maybe Rafael Soriano, but I swear I saw him pitching the other night. Yes, it’s almost blasphemy in Yankee land to compare anyone to the great Rivera, but David Robertson has come closer than anyone I’ve seen. The Sandman loves playing baseball, he lives for his team, and he doesn’t shy away from teaching his incredible cutter to his teammates. Go back to spring training, and David Robertson was still learning how to throw the pitch consistently. “On a good day, every once in a while, I’ll throw one like Mariano’s,” Robertson said. “Think Continue reading David Robertson Looking Like Mariano Rivera

Teixeira out 1-2 weeks with calf strain

Mark Teixeira left last night’s game in the fifth inning after suffering a calf strain in the middle of an at bat the inning prior. He was sent off for an MRI after being diagnosed with a calf strain, and the tests revealed a Grade I strain. Tex will miss at least 1-2 weeks with the injury, adding another body to the pile of injuries the Yankees have had to deal with this season. The Yankees just traded for a first baseman in Steve Pearce, so they could put Tex on the DL to make room on the 25 man roster for him, or they could cast off whomever they were planning on removing anyway and play a man down until rosters expand on Saturday. Continue reading Teixeira out 1-2 weeks with calf strain