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10 thoughts on “Yankees drop another, division lead disappears

  1. Give Freddy a break. He gave up 5 runs. The way the team is SCORING, there's not a pitcher on the roster that can keep the other team down. Name a pitcher who can consistently hold the other team to less than 2 runs. I imagine the Yankees will actually win a game before you can come up with that person's name.

    You're right – Joba looked good tonite. He didn't just work a scoreless inning, he looked almost like "old" Joba. Which is the only good news I saw.

    The team is built to outslug the other team; there are NO shut-down starters on the roster. Even Kuroda's 3 run starts go for naught; 3 runs is way too many to expect from this lineup, at this point in time.

    • How about Freddie giving us (and the team) a break by not breaking down in the 4th or 5th inning. WTF is the story with all the excuses for this guy? I mean I have nothing against him personally, I'm sure he's a fine human being and all BUT HE SUCKS AT PITCHING – mostly because his career actually ended about three years ago! Don't give me the "but, last year crap". He was a lot luckier than good last year and he's been mediocre at best this year.

      Name a pitcher who can consistently hold the other team to less than 2 runs

      WTF? Garcia has an ERA of 5.09!!! He isn't "holding" other teams to anything! How about he holds the other team to 4 runs per nine? Then I might cut him some slack. And please – bad work by the hitters does not excuse bad ptiching.

      • But…that's kind of it. Garcia sucks at pitching. So at this point you have to a) score runs off of Alex Cobb to help him out and b) get him out of the game before he blows up if you can. You can't just rant at the world and demand that Garcia (who's only in the rotation because of a freak injury to Pettitte, remember) can't be better than he is.

        • I'm not "ranting at the world", I'm ranting at people defending Freddie Garcia's pitching. And you and I agree – Garcia can't be better than he is. So why is he even on the team? Why was he put in the rotation after Phelps came back from being stretched out in the minors? I know Phelps hasn't really dazzled but he's better than Garcia and he might be doing better than he has if he hadn't been jerked around by the team for the purpose of favoring Garcia. So I guess the real target of my displeasure is Girardi and/or Cahsman for poor decision making. Again – I don't have anything against Freddie personally – I'm sure he's a great guy and tries his best and all but his best is only a maximum of ineffectiveness at this point.

          • Sorry, the ranting at the world bit was a figure of speech.

            As for Garcia/Phelps, I don't really think Garcia would be on the team right now if not for the Pineda injury, and I think they used Phelps out of the pen because he was more flexible there. Not like they didn't need relief help.

        • Absolutely correct. The key is to get to a guy like Alex Cobb, and hope Freddy can hold it to 4 runs. We needed to score more runs against the 4th guy in their rotation. Bottom line.

          • Yep, that sounds like a plan – hope Freddy can hold it to 4 runs in 5 innings. Maybe a unicorn will appear between innings too!

            Old saying: "wish in one hand, crap in the other – see which one fills up first".

  2. I feel like I've been transported back to 1967. Rather than put myself to sleep last night watching that offensive offense, I called up Baseball-Reference.com and looked back on some really awful Yankee teams. And 1967 and 1968 were brutal. But not much worse than this stretch. Can you imagine putting in 162 games watching this? That's what we did back then. Never thought we'd have to live through that again.

  3. It is a shame we don't have a better option than Garcia right now…sadly we are playing the hand we have dealt our selves. Lets just hope we aren't playing our way out of the playoff race.