Game Thread: Sunday, September 9, 2012, Yankees at Orioles

Not only are the Yankees playing badly, but they’re also playing unlucky. Obviously everyone is furious over last night’s blown call, but the smartest thing for fans and team alike is to move on quickly. (Adding injury to the insult: Mark Teixeira re-injured his calf on the play and will miss today’s game.) You knew it would come to this. The winner of today’s game goes home with sole possession of first place. This is the biggest game of the 2012 season. If the Yankees lose they may not have another clean shot at hanging onto first place. So, who’s on the mound? Freddy Garcia. The O’s counter with Zach Britton. Enjoy!

141 thoughts on “Game Thread: Sunday, September 9, 2012, Yankees at Orioles

  1. Phil C


    • smurfy

      they wrote it? who’s the author? or stole it from Mississippi?

    • Phil C

      Led Zepplin

  2. Phil C

    SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Watching Yankee games can he hazardous to both your physical and mental health.

    • Professor Longnose

      I’m basically reduced to hoping they hang on. That they could actually play well seems beyond hope.

  3. Phil C

    Come on, forget walks, we want RUNS!!

  4. Phil C

    This home plate/base ump is awful. TBS is showing pitch track on virtually all the pitches and he is so inconsistent it’s ridiculous.

  5. Phil C

    This is a real Christian game. Virtually all runs are gifts from the opposing team. It just warms my heart…..NOT!!

  6. smurfy

    well, well, welcome back Curtis’ good swing.

  7. smurfy

    lovely run differential

  8. Phil C

    I hope today’s game is just a warm up for playing the Red Sucks.

    • Professor Longnose

      4.99 is the lowest ERA for the 3 probable Sockhole starters.

      • Phil C

        Well, the Yanks will just have to make sure they’re all above 5.00 when they leave the mound.

  9. Professor Longnose

    What got into Curtis??

    • smurfy

      something threw the switch. Nice practice here.

    • Phil C

      Santeria. He sacrificed two chickens in his hotel room this morning.

  10. Professor Longnose

    If he’s not using blue, he shouldn’t be in the booth.

    • Phil C

      Well, good bye Ernie!

  11. smurfy


  12. Professor Longnose

    I wish Cano had caught that. I’d have liked to see him try the shortstop-in-the-hole thing, just to see how he can handle it.

    • smurfy

      I betcha Robbie could do it. But less chances for that wonderful sling. The sling thing is a thing of beauty. He’d probably innovate something new at short.

  13. Phil C

    What’s up with Binder Joe? Davis is 6 for 10 w/HR vs. Logan.

    • Phil C


  14. Professor Longnose

    Well, my heart went boom when I crossed that room and I held her hand in miiiiiiine…

  15. Professor Longnose

    Swisher needs to buy a vowel.

  16. Professor Longnose

    Right now Baltimore is tied for first. The Red Sox are in last, 16 games behind them. And both teams have the same run differential: -19.

    • Phil C


      • Professor Longnose

        That includes today’s Red Sox game, which the Sox lost (4-3). When the Yankee game is over, that will add -10 to the O’s differential.

  17. Professor Longnose

    Two-out RISP hit!! Yaaaah!

  18. Phil C

    Don’t edit out those bloopers.

  19. smurfy

    Grandy just bought an “oo.” Ding, ding.

  20. smurfy

    Nice four-part harmony, my home sweet HOME!

  21. Phil C

    Cory Wade. Take your choice any disaster movie will do!

    • smurfy

      “Down the River” to Machado

      • smurfy

        Flushh, flush. Did alright, nothing near a disaster, Phil. Maybe he retuned.

        • Phil C

          I hope so.

    • Phil C

      Wow! Wade actually looked good.

  22. Phil C

    Texas was giving out BJ’s today. Upton had 3 HRs.

    • smurfy

      hardy har

  23. smurfy

    Who’s got pop and average, too? De-rek Je-tah.

  24. Professor Longnose

    Now that’s being the Yankees!

  25. Phil C

    Jeter takes flight!

  26. smurfy

    Arod: “Thanks, but quit targetting my hand.”

  27. Professor Longnose

    I like this game. Best game in a while.

  28. Phil C

    Cap Ripkin & John Smoltz in the booth. So what is all that baseball experience teaching us about the game? What color highlighters Ernie Johnson uses to fill out his score card!

  29. Professor Longnose

    Michael Kay says that the Baltimore Sun did not mention the bad call in its game report yesterday, and the Baltimore TV coverage didn’t show a replay of the final out.

    • smurfy

      shame. desperate for self-recognition: “our guys fight.”

    • Phil C

      Who read the newspaper to him?

  30. smurfy

    Neat little sharp breaking ball under the lefty’s hands. Beautiful right-and-down on the changeup. Cory Wade on the water.

  31. Professor Longnose

    Showalter gave up and put in the JV team.

  32. Phil C

    First time that’s Lowe has entered a game and I’m not worried he’ll blow it.

  33. Phil C

    Threw them birds right out of that 1st place nest.

  34. Phil C

    Chat y’all for Boston!

  35. smurfy

    see ya, guys.

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