Yankees rock Orioles 13-3 as Grandy, Jeter go yard; AL East lead back to 1

  • Freddy was steady…ish; the bullpen was ready. Freddy looked like he would give back the 5-0 Yankee lead in the bottom of the 4th inning, giving up a two-run double to Wilson Betemit (yes), and an RBI single to Matt Weiters–and that was that, Girardi promptly replaced him with Joba Chamberlain, who struck out Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis to end the threat. The ‘pen locked down the O’s after that, with Joba (who got the win) giving way to Boone Logan in the 6th, who gave way to Corey Wade in the 7th, who gave the ball to Derek Lowe in the 9th. It was a fantastic job all-around for the pen–and Robertson and Soriano didn’t even get in the game.
  • Joe Girardi had been looking for something that would wake up his team, and he may have found that tonight–though I’m not exactly sure what it is. Girardi is a bit like a doctor who can’t figure out what’s wrong with his patient: but instead of slowly trying one medicine at a time (or even really trying to find out what the disease is), he threw all the medicine in the store at the patient. And, miraculously, it worked: the Yankees made 6 separate changes in position players over the night–Granderson for Jones, Ibanez for Pearce, Casey McGehee for A-Rod, Chris Dickerson for Ichiro, Eduardo Nunez for Jeter, and Stewart for Swisher (though the last three came in the top of the 9th).
  • Ultimately, the point is that the mix-and-match worked out for Girardi: the bullpen held strong, and (one of) the pinch hitters came through (though it’s hard to think of him as a pinch hitter, Granderson was responsible for 5 RBIs).
  • If the only thing that comes out of this series is a slightly less 0-Kelvin Curtis Granderson, then I’ll take it.
  • But I wouldn’t be too hopeful–remember, today’s epic came just hours after last night’s choke-a-thon. He still strikes out too much, and he’s still a bit all-or-nothing.
  • The Yankees scored four runs in the fourth off of Zach Britton, and they couldn’t have had less to do with it: the sequence that lead to the first run was single, walk, walk, walk. They followed that up with a couple of RBI singles and another bases-loaded walk to chase Britton. It was small ball at its best; but it was also why small ball can be so frustrating: if the other team has a pitcher that doesn’t make many mistakes, or an umpire that doesn’t have much latitude with the strike zone (Jeter’s bases-loaded walk, and Ichiro’s infield single were particularly close), then it’s hard to string together an inning like this.
  • But that’s not really the point. The Yankees came through with runners on, taking the walks rather than trying to do too much: it’s a good sign. They did the same thing in the seventh, when Granderson lined in a two-run, bases-loaded single, and in the eighth, when, after Jeter’s homer, they rallied again to load the bases and drive in more runs.
  • Ultimately, the story is the bats: Granderson’s monster night; Cano’s 2-for-3 with three runs, an RBI and two walks; A-Rod’s three runs; Martin and Ichiro both going 2-for-4; Jeter’s blast. This was exactly the result the Yankees needed, as I said in the pre-game, and it comes at a good time–now, the off-day stories won’t be as negative as they could have been, and the players will have something positive to hang their hats on.
  • It almost makes you remember that this team could hit. (BUT ONLY HOME RUNS, AM I RIGHT?).
  • Mark Teixeira is going for an MRI, which is not the best news for the Yanks. We’ll keep you updated on that as it develops.

The Yankees have an off day tomorrow before traveling to Boston for a three game set, then hosting the Rays. It’s game time, people.

8 thoughts on “Yankees rock Orioles 13-3 as Grandy, Jeter go yard; AL East lead back to 1

  1. First time in almost a month (August 13) when the Yankees won with at least three more runs over the opponent. Good to see the spark today

    • It was nice watching the O's & Yanks play, until CC had to stoop to the lowest of the low, by hitting Markakis. We all in Baltimore know it was done intentionally, After back to back homers, ect.. Funny how CC decided to lose control when one of our hottest players on the O's, was up. I, and a lot of us was waiting for CC to hit Reynolds. As a matter of fact, one of my friends that was watching the game predicted that some like this was going to happen before it actually did. But, why should players on the Yanks have any class? Their fans don't, that's for sure. If I was at the game when that Yank fan tried to take the ball out of Mclouths glove, on the home run take away, I would have decked him. That's how it is with NY fans, no class. O's fans showed class by not interfering with AROID on the foul ball. The fan waited to see if it was far enough in to the seats before he caught it. NY fans have a habit of showing they were raised in a barn. The Yanks might win the AL East, but look what was done to try and keep the O's from it.

      • C'mon with the “lack of class” generalizations already. You're in the wrong spot for that as you won't find it here. Not how we doing things in our sliver of the 'Net. And no, CC didn't hit Markakis on purpose. He was pitching inside consistently to him and Nick got hit. No one here is/was happy about it.

  2. The Yankee win was great and the offense was just fantastic. I guess that pathetic call by the Umpire in the previous nights game on Tex in the top of the 9th that cost the Yankees a possible win woke up a sleeping giant.

    • Yes Yes Yes these Red Sux are wannabe mutts and hopefully stay that way for a decade .No more 'big 'weekend series . No more 'crucial' games : Just another mediocre team that the Bombers should beat up on , often and hard .

  3. I've traveled to see the Yankees the last 3 weekends play in Cleveland, the Bronx and Baltimore. I can honestly say after seeing the Kuroda 3-1 loss to the Indians and the Hughes 8 -3 loss to the O's I was doubting my own sanity in making the decision to go to Baltimore to see Freddy pitch yesterday. Well as my 10 year old put it as well left Camden Yards after the game yesterday the drive was well worth it to see the Yankees stomp the O's. More importantly Joe seemed to make all the right moves as far as pitching goes yesterday. It was also great to see plate discipline and timely hitting. Though I will certainly echo uyf1950's comment of "One other thing it was nice to see Joba put in a good inning plus in relief for a change." It was great to see Joba get 4 K's over 1 2/3 inning and seem to provide some level of dominance. Let's just hope Andy is getting good and healthy and the rest of the team is ready for a run.