14 thoughts on “Is Russell Martin worth the money?

  1. 130 home runs given up the the Yankees pitchers in 900.2 innings caught by Martin stinks! I never want to see him in a Yankees uniform again.

  2. The question should really be is Martin coming back after this year and at what length/price. Cashman should offer him an arbitration (He should be Type B free agent). If the Yankees are serious about Romine's future then it makes sense to sign a catcher for one year and groom Romine at Triple-A. But then the problem is that quality free agent catchers like Pierzynski and Martin are not going to sign 1 year contracts, while everyone else is not is decent enough…

    • Sanchez is nowhere close to the big leagues as he spent this past year at Tampa. He still needs to improve his catching abilities as well

  3. "Sure there are plenty of catchers in the MLB who would love to be making 7.5 million dollars this year to be an above average fielder and an average hitter."

    I think you meant below average hitter.

  4. For all catchers with 300+ plate appearances, of which there are 23, Martin ranks 15th in WAR at 1.1 and 18th in OPS at .695. This puts him at the top of the bottom third which indicates the scarcity of hitters at the catching position – lets stop a moment to now fully appreciate J. Posada. I see no reason to offer him anything over the minimum, I would take my chances on a healthy Austin Romine rather than waste money on expecting Martin to ever regain his batting stroke.

  5. Romine's back trouble should scare you. If he's healthy, he's certainly a better option, but that's a major if. Martin is a decent catcher and a better hitter than he's shown. He's worth a 1 + 1 (club option) to buy time for Sanchez, who's more likely the long term solution. I don't think the Yanks want any part of the other AJ, who's the premier free agent catcher. He's a bad guy and would not fit in that clubhouse. A good example is his antics yesterday regarding Alexei Ramirez getting thrown out at third base. That act just won't play well here.

  6. I don't think Martin has been a bad deal for NY. Offense would be nice, but it's not as if the Yanks can't score. All indications are that he is above average defensively. While 7.5 mil sounds expensive, it's just over 3.5% of the payroll. His salary doesn't really hurt.

    Given the lack of options and Romine's back issues I think he should be signed at least for next year, with a club option. His lack of offense may make him a little less attractive to other teams. and more signable for NY.

  7. he was good defensively last year, but questionable this year. his offense has been replacement level, and i dont think his defense alone makes up for it. i think he is a decent starting option, but i also think we can get the same production for 7 million less. if hes willing to return or league minimum, or even a million a season, then i say why not. but i just dont see a reason to bring him back at the same price.