Three In A Row Was Too Much To Ask For, Yanks Lose 6-4

Let’s play a game of good news/bad news, shall we?

Good news: Derek Jeter is still hitting well.

Bad news: He struck out to end the game.

Good news: The Yankees scored four runs – look, it’s better than the two they mustered last night.

Bad news: CC Sabathia also gave up four. His line tonight was 6.2 IP, six hits, four runs, two walks and three strike outs. From Jack Curry of YES: Sabathia’s 0-3 with a 4.67 ERA in last four starts.

Good news: Alex Rodriguez hit a home run to pull the Yankees within a run late in the game.

Bad news: Eduardo Nunez negated the run – and any good feelings people had about him – with his big error in the ninth.

Good news: The Yankees got a hit with a runner in scoring position

Bad news: That was the only one they got (they were 1-6).

Good news: Curtis Granderson hit his 38th home run of the season.

Bad news: B.J. Upton hit his 23rd home run of the season which put Tampa up 5-2 in the top of the eighth.

Good news: … I think I may be done with the good news

Bad news: The Yankees are now out of first place by a half a game and if the Orioles beat Oakland tonight, they’ll be back a full game.

Some facts about tonight’s game:

  • With his fifth inning single, Jeter passed Willie Mays and is now in sole possession of 10th on the All-Time hit list. He now has 3,285.
  • From @YankeeSource: Yankees have just 3 hits with RISP in the last 4 games. 3 for 40 (0.075 BA).
  • From @yestoresearch: The Yankees are now 1-7 in Price/Sabathia match ups.

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3 thoughts on “Three In A Row Was Too Much To Ask For, Yanks Lose 6-4

  1. CSI Las Vegas always says opinions are meaningless, evidence is what you need to have on the witness stand, not someones opinion.
    In other words, you are, what you do, not what you say you are, or think you are….you are what you do.

    Having said that, my beloved Yankees started at 21-21….then played great from June 1st till July 18th. Starting July 19th they are under .500………..that is what they have done….that is who they are. Until they change, everything else is bullshit.

  2. Worst news? The old CC Sabathia is nowhere to be found…At present, Yanks do not have a Number 1 starter…