Nova, Yankees down Rays 5-3

So I liked what Brien did last night recapping the game, so I’m going to follow his style. Let’s break it up!

The Objectively Good

  • Ivan Nova’s command. Normally, it takes at least a couple of starts to get back into the rhythm of starting pitching, but Nova jumped right back on the horse, and spotted the ball perfectly tonight. I rarely saw him miss his spots entirely (sure, he left one out there for Evan Longoria in the 6th, but, well, a mistake to Longoria is a homer; a mistake to others might be a foul ball…though I’m not sure that’s making my point). Anyways, the point is that he looked sharp–much sharper than I expected. I wonder if the shoulder injury that kept him out for the last month is something that we could at least think about retroactively applying to some of his catastrophic starts before he was shut down–that is, maybe his 4.50-plus ERA isn’t something to be too worried about.
  • Yankees with runners in scoring position. The bombers were 2-for-3 tonight with runners on second or third, with Jeter and A-Rod delivering big hits. Yes, three at-bats is not a great sample size. But hey, they still went .666 on the night, right?
  • Granderson getting the best of Shields, making Gabe look silly. Hey, I’ll admit it, I didn’t foresee a hit for the Grandy Man this afternoon. But he came through, and in a big way. The Nunez bomb right after was only the icing; it’s good to see Curtis getting back into the swing of things, finally.

The Subjectively Good

  • The combination of the two-out walk to Ichiro, his stolen base, and then Jeter’s RBI single. Old school ball.

The Subjectively Hilarious, Objectively Neutral

  • People on Twitter making “captain clutch” comments after Jeter’s RBI single. Look, I love Jeter, and he has been (arguably) the best Yankee over the past month, but an RBI single in the bottom of the fifth to put the Yanks up 4-0…not an objectively “clutch” thing. Save it for the real deal.
  • The @Yankees account using the “Untucked” hashtag. What does that mean? Is it in response to Soriano “untucking” his shirt after a save? Is this a thing I should know about? Why am I so out of this loop?

The Perfectly Acceptable

  • A-Rod and Cano both went 2-for-4 on the afternoon, and both looked locked in at the plate. I liked their at-bats, even though Upton had some trouble on Alex’s RBI double in the eighth. I term this “acceptable” because that’s pretty much how I want them to play every day.
  • David Robertson. 1-2-3.
  • Yankee pitchers struck out 10 Rays on the night. Nova was responsible for 8 of them, which is why this isn’t higher–I don’t want to give the ‘pen too much credit, as they’re the main reason the Rays clawed back to 4-3.

The Bad

  • The Yankee bullpen outside of David Robertson. After Nova exited in the sixth inning with a runner on first, the combination of Boone Logan and Joba Chamberlain allowed a couple base hits to…Ryan Roberts (.228) and pinch-hitting Sam Fuld (.279) to score two runs. The whole point of Boone Logan and Joba Chamberlain is to get people like those guys out. Then, in the ninth, Rafael Soriano (#untucked??) put two runners on before striking out Elliot Johnson to end the game.
  • Re-reading that, I’m trying to decide if I’m being petty talking like this, or if I’m just a bit shocked the Rays can do anything with their lineup. Ah, well. This has been a weird year, and it’s not like the Yankees batting averages would look that much better if we threw them up there.
  • After his first-inning single, Desmond Jennings came up to bat three more time. He struck out in all of them.

The Ugly 

  • Honestly, nothing. I just wanted to throw this category in there.
  • The O’s play at the A’s tonight, if you can count bright orange uniforms against off-yellow and green uniforms as ugly. I don’t know.
  • Please don’t accuse me of being petty, angry Orioles fan.


5 thoughts on “Nova, Yankees down Rays 5-3

  1. Hate to be picky, but you have to look at your scoresheet and then proof your column before you post this stuff. First, Upton destroyed CANO'S double, not Alex's. Second, Luke Scott got the base hit to make it 4-3, not Sam Fuld. Don't know if you were at the game or not, but if you watched Longoria's home run, that ball got a huge boost from a rather strong breeze that was blowing straight out to right. Off the bat it looked like a deep fly ball, but one that would stay in the park. For that matter, Granderson's ball looked to have gotten a bit of help as well. The box score said 14 MPH but those flags were pretty stiff for most of the game.

  2. You want Ugly – I would have put B.J. Upton's fielding. By the end of the game, he looked like the second coming of Marcus Thames in the field. Circling the first fly ball, then having the ball slip out of his hand as he tried to throw it in. So happy someone else has him – heaven knows, Cash could have traded 3 or 4 pitchers for him to take the place of Gardner.

  3. Very impressed by Nova's performance especially since it was his first outing after coming back. He probably has 2 more regular season starts and I'll take an outing like that for both of those.
    Gabe as for your comment "The whole point of Boone Logan and Joba Chamberlain is to get people like those guys out. " I don't think you're being petty at all. That is after all what they get paid to do. And let's be honest most of the bullpen has been pretty inconsistent over the last couple of months.

  4. Yeah, the "untcked" businss is about Soriano yanking his unifrm top out of his pants after he records a save. I think it's classless and in the category of showing up the opposition, and slovenly looking on top of that. (Can you imagine how George "Make Mattingly Cut His Hair" Steinbrenner would react to this were he alive?) I admire Soiano's pitching ability, but I wish he'd conduct himself like he's pitching on the mound at Yankee Stadium and not like he's on a playground somewhere.

    Now excuse me, as I have to go shoo those damn kids off my lawn again.