Game 148: Ricky Romero’s Evil Twin

Toronto Blue Jays New York Yankees
Rajai Davis, RF Derek Jeter, SS
Colby Rasmus, CF Nick Swisher, RF
Brett Lawrie, 3B Robinson Cano, DH
Adam Lind, DH Alex Rodriguez, 3B
J.P. Arencibia, C Curtis Granderson, CF
Kelly Johnson, 2B Jayson Nix, 2B
Yan Gomes, 1B Casey McGehee, 1B
Adeiny Hechavarria, SS Ichiro Suzuki, LF
Anthony Gose, LF Chris Stewart, C
Ricky Romero, SP David Phelps, SP

The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m., on My9. Let’s go Yankees!

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138 thoughts on “Game 148: Ricky Romero’s Evil Twin

  1. Michael

    I remember watching the Creature from the Black Lagoon with my grandpa as a kid. Never wanted to buy a fish after that movie lol. Great reference Phil

    • Phil C

      I’ve never actually seen it.

    • smurfy

      but this Creature sounds to be the one from the blue lagoon. Ah, Pedophilia, such a creature.

  2. Tj

    The yankees are officially due to hit a homer as they haven’t hit 2 in the last 3 or 4 days

    • Professor Longnose

      Sounds good.

  3. Professor Longnose

    On. Over. In. Is that so difficult?

  4. Professor Longnose

    Are the Yankees going to set the record for most Hall of Famers in a sucky lineup?

  5. Tj

    That wasalot of booing arod just got

    • Professor Longnose

      He had been hitting, but he’s coming up very empty today.

    • Phil C

      at least they were deserved.

  6. Phil C

    It’s Eppley’s Believe It or Not

    • smurfy

      ouch, that is perfect.

      • smurfy

        and a perty pitch, too. Couldn’t believe it.

  7. Professor Longnose

    Is this on me? Am I not rooting in such a way that will cause the Yankees to score runs?

    • Phil C

      Oh good, we can blame on you!

    • smurfy

      try farting every time you demand a hit. ?Maybe?

      • Professor Longnose

        Not really sure I can do that on command.

  8. Tj

    Mayb wel get to win 2 close games in a row if every1 behaves nicely

  9. Phil C

    I want a B&B….bunt and a bomb. Got the bunt part.

    • Professor Longnose

      In this situation, the bunt wasn’t a bad play. And a bomb wouldn’t be, either.

  10. Tj

    Here comes ibumiez ready to break out of his slump and become ibombiez!

  11. Tj

    And now Steve Pearce comes out some trickery by girardi

    • Professor Longnose

      Decent matchup. Righties hit this guy.

  12. Phil C

    Is it me, or is Pearce’s bat extra long?

  13. Professor Longnose

    Yes! Great steal!

    Get that run in, Pearce!

  14. Tj

    Damn you pearce

  15. Tj

    Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Phil C

    It’s Feets Suzuki!!

  17. Tj

    Ichiro has done everything tonite besides selling the hotdogs!!!!!

  18. smurfy

    Wheeeeeeew! and Stewart walks while no one was paying attention.

  19. Professor Longnose

    Break it open. Squeaking by the Jays isn’t satisfying.

  20. Professor Longnose

    Need to see the replay. Looked like a strike.

    • smurfy

      me, too, but the slo mo overhead showed it two inches of clearance. Jeter’s influence may be accuracy, not some star browbeating, as I feared.

  21. smurfy

    -hunh, guess it’s not a good idea to pick up the audio over there.

  22. Tj

    Cmon let’s do it!!!

  23. Phil C

    Damn, Sori almost was!

  24. Tj

    Ball game over Yankees win theeeeeeeeee yankees win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told u so

  25. Phil C

    Chat y’all tomorrow!

  26. smurfy

    Ichiro, Mr. Willful OBA, cum laud rbi.

  27. Professor Longnose

    Sweep. Niiiiiice.

  28. smurfy

    Chris Stewart played a pretty good game, hisself.

    • Professor Longnose

      Not bad a’tall.

  29. smurfy

    I’m thinking Sori was inspired by something, he was so fierce. Betcha he thought he wanted hard to win Ichi’s game.

  30. smurfy

    Mssr. Phleps also showed strength, too. Held asset.

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