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8 thoughts on “Must read: Tu ere maricon

  1. If you want to be infuriated by the sheer stupidity of the human race then peruse the comments for an hour or two. That post lit a fire under some people!

      • definitely! loved the article and a lot of the comments were very thoughtful. I was caught up in the negative. Damn my new york upbringing!

    • well, i don't disagree that there has been a certain "pussification" of america which is part of the reason for this country's undeniable decline… which is what a lot of the comments reference

      this just isn't the best example of it

    • It was probably the best thing I read today – and I did a fair amount of reading. I thought Chip really nailed it and I hope it made some people think. Of course, as you said, the comments seemed to show a lot of people who totally missed the point…though I would guess most of them didn't bother to read the whole piece to begin with.

      • They see religion and Latino pool boy and all of a sudden they think Chip is insulting Christianity and making a racial slur. When he was making a point in a beautifully written article!

  2. Wow – thanks for the link, Jason. Had no idea. Didn't realize that Chip had that deep of an intellectual streak, to have the ability to write a piece that deep. Seriously.

    I'd always thought of him as a kinda shallow, semi-boring commentator. Excellent piece, thanks again for bringing it to our attention – I know I would have missed it.