Pettitte strong in return as Yankees beat Blue Jays 4-2

David Robertson found himself in trouble in the eighth, as Lawrie hit a leadoff double to left. A single by Adam Lind put runners on the corners. Mike McCoy replaced Lind on the bases and Kelly Johnson pinch hit for Mathis. Johnson slapped an opposite field single, plating Lawrie for the Blue Jays first run of the day. Robertson struck out Sierra for the first out, but a double lined by Omar Vizquel down the right field line scored McCoy, cutting the Yankee lead to one. After striking out Hechavarria, the Yankees called on Rafael Soriano for the four out save. Soriano walked Gose, loading the bases, but struck out Davis to end the inning.

New York got a little insurance in the bottom of the inning. Ichiro drove a two-out ground-rule double down the left field line, scoring on a single by Swisher. Meanwhile, Soriano was all business in the ninth, striking out Rasmus, getting Lawrie to ground out and striking out J.P. Arencibia to end the game with the New York 4-2 victory.

Bronx Cheers:
Alex Rodriguez: A-Rod went 0-3 with two strikeouts and three runners left on base. He did have an RBI in the first inning.

David Robertson: In .2 innings of work, Robertson gave up two runs on four hits, letting Toronto within one run of the Yankees. He struck out two.

Curtain Calls:
Andy Pettitte: Making his first start since June, Pettitte was solid. He got into a few jams, but was able to get out of them and even came away with the win. Andy lasted five innings, gave up no runs on four hits, two walks and three strike outs.

Ichiro: Ichiro went 3-4 with two runs scored and a double. He also had a nice catch in the outfield.

Rafael Soriano: After Robertson’s shaky start to the eighth, Soriano made the four out save. He went 1.1 and gave up a walk, striking out two.

A little from Column A, a little from Column B:
Nick Swisher: He had two errors at first, but looks like perhaps he is starting to find his bat again. Swish went 2-4 with a run scored and a RBI.

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6 thoughts on “Pettitte strong in return as Yankees beat Blue Jays 4-2

  1. Going to walk a tightrope tonight unless Romero throws another round of batting practice. I would think Robertson is out for tonight and if Soriano goes tonight, he's shot for tomorrow. What they need is 8-0 lead going to the seventh, turn the ball over to one of the lesser lights (Wade, Eppley, Lowe, etc) and cobble together nine outs. And then hope like hell Hughes is on tomorrow and can go 8.

    May King Felix summon his best stuff tonight.

  2. Soriano has to be the most under-appreciated (just talking this season) yankee in recent memory

    i've never seen another yankee so universally disliked who was actually good… even "60 minutes era" arod always had his supporters

    • Yeah, I think Soriano's rough start to his time in pinstripes has kept some people from appreciating him. No doubt he has been pretty crucial to their success this year, especially after Mo went down.

    • I do appreciate what he's done since Mo went down — he's been every bit as good as I would have expected a healthy Mo to be. But that shirt thing is so . . . not even Bush League. It's embarrassing, like those guys who dance around and gesticulate on the mound after a strike out. C'mon, act like you've done this before. I mean, what would happen if someone hit a walk-off homer off of Soriano and then did a Steve Lyons, dropped trou and mooned him? He'd completely deserve it, but would go ballistic. I'm truly surprised Mo hasn't said something to him about it. Think about it: Have you ever seen Mo show up an opponent with some gesture or gimmick? Never, because he has class.

  3. Good to see you back – even if its just for one recap, Tamar. Guess I'll have to savor the brief redux.

    I don't like Soriano – but its purely based on the visual impression – I don't know the guy at all; but before he came to the team, the anecdote about Mo wanting a locker as far from him as possible in the All-Star game – I've always respected Mo, and figured I couldn't go wrong respecting his judgement.

    OTOH, like him or not, without Soriano, we wouldn't be in the hunt at this late date.

    As for the shirt – its lame, but imho, its still better than the bozo from Tampa going to his knees and shooting air arrows at the sky.

    • Thanks, Jay! I've missed doing recaps, but it looks like now that the minor league season is over I will have the chance to do a couple more before the season ends.

      The shirt untucking thing really bothered me at first, but I'm pretty apathetic towards it now. Like you said, it's not nearly as obnoxious as some other closers end of game routines. Like ProfRobert though, I much prefer the quiet class we get to see when Mo closes out a game. Both men are great competitors, it's interesting to see how differently that plays out, however.