Game Thread: A’s vs Yankees, Sunday September 23

Today’s game almost seems like a formality after yesterday’s marathon of come backs and tension. But that’s the beauty of baseball. They do this everyday. The Yankees used every pitcher they have yesterday, so the team needs Hiroki Kuroda to give them some length, desperately. The A’s will counter with A.J. Griffin. The Yankees have also quietly turned a page. They’ve won seven in a row and are 9-1 over their last ten. Unfortunately, Baltimore is right their with them, just a game behind. Enjoy.

144 thoughts on “Game Thread: A’s vs Yankees, Sunday September 23

  1. Professor Longnose

    I’m glad there’s a game today. There wasn’t enough baseball yesterday.

    • Phil C

      Hey Professor. Did you see LoHud’s lineup. Apparently the Yanks are so worried about Nunez’s defense both he & Jeter are playing SS.

      • Professor Longnose

        That might work: combine Nunez’s range with Jeter’s hands.

        • Phil C

          Now playing SS, Number 226, Ederek Jetez, number 226.

          • Professor Longnose


  2. Phil C

    NOTE TO NY YANKEES: Okay guys, we get it. Revenge is sweet! As fans we loved the last two walk-offs against the A’s. But our nerves are shot. Why not just score early and often and make this game a blow out. It can save the relievers too.

    NOTE TO MELKY MESA: Many Yankee fans would love to see you become The Melk Man II. Just remember that PED’s will NOT help you locate 3rd base.

  3. Professor Longnose

    Hey, Kuroda, if the Yankees lose today, it is a national disgrace for Japan.

  4. Professor Longnose

    Come on, Kuroda, get it together.

    • Phil C

      Me no likee this inning!

      • Professor Longnose

        Could have been worse, although I hate giving up runs on wild pitches.

        • Phil C

          Hell, admit it you just hate giving up runs.

          • Professor Longnose

            I admit it! I admit it!

  5. Professor Longnose

    And it worked!

    • Phil C

      Damn, hadn’t tried that before! Good thinking.

  6. Phil C


    • smurfy

      not Chip ‘n’ Dale (tho they were extra good).

  7. Phil C

    That inning had “DISASTER” written all over it!

    • Professor Longnose

      Now it needs a new label.

      • Phil C

        Just blacken it out with some dirt.

  8. Phil C

    Tabasco Ibanez

  9. Phil C

    And the Jeet goes on!

    Sorry Sonny and Cher

  10. smurfy

    they’re all smolderin’. just waiting for the right breath of wind…

  11. Professor Longnose

    That’s a really bad call.

    • Phil C

      Need to slap that call upside the head! That two the umps owe the Yanks.

  12. Phil C

    Damn, he was OUT!

  13. Professor Longnose


    • Phil C

      That even looked like a good pitch, sinking down and away.

  14. Phil C

    Before the series started I felt winning 2 of 3 would be good. But I hate, I mean REALLY HATE, losing the last game of a series.

    • Phil C

      Did I mention that I hate when that happens?

      • Professor Longnose

        Admit it. You hate losing any games.

        • Phil C

          Well, sure.

  15. Professor Longnose

    Damn. Kuroda doesn’t have it.

    • Phil C

      It appears that his pitches sometimes have too much movement. Trouble finding Russell’s glove.

  16. Phil C

    Come on Yankee batters, time for a shut up inning!

  17. Professor Longnose

    Big hitter. If Kuroda goes 5 and leaves with the game tied, I won’t hold him responsible for the state of society.

    • Phil C

      I doubt he’ll leave the game. Girardi wants INNINGS!

    • smurfy

      He’s pitching alternatively wicked and lame. He’s only thrown 80, betcha he goes thru 7 (with odds, thanks).

      Loved Gomes, the gorilla, grunting as he hit first, all abashed.

  18. Phil C

    TBS FACTOID: The Yankees have 11 sac bunts in Sept, most in AL.

  19. Phil C

    WORDS OF TRITENESS: Ron Darling, “You show me a team with a lot of home runs and I’ll show you a team of pull hitters.”

  20. Phil C

    rallyus interruptus

  21. smurfy

    How ’bout them umpires? Seem to be rooting for the underdogs.

    • Phil C

      Speed of lightning, roar of thunder,
      Fighting all who rob or plunder
      Underdog, Underdog.

      • smurfy

        Don’t worry Oakie Nell, I’ll save you from those bullies!

        It’s Underump!

      • Professor Longnose

        I loved that show.

        • Phil C

          I was always a Chip ‘n Dale kid!

        • smurfy

          that was the Rockie & Bullwinkle studio, wasn’t it, Sherman?

  22. smurfy

    I remember the question, but not the answer. Probably wiped it frommemory to avoid damage.

  23. Phil C

    Hey Alex, if you’re just going to watch, but a ticket, you can afford it.

  24. Professor Longnose

    Now we’re back to begging them to score a run.

  25. Professor Longnose

    RISP hits, anyone?

    • Phil C

      They’re already 1-1.

      • Phil C

        deux per deux

    • smurfy

      Raul says Rispy? Sounds delicious!

  26. Professor Longnose

    Ibanez is HOT HOT HOT!

  27. Professor Longnose

    This is what the lineup is supposed to do. No one expects Ibanez to have a great season, or Ichiro, or Martin. But they need a couple guys to be hot at any one time. For a whole month, everyone was stone cold. But now, Martin, Ichiro, Ibanez are taking turns being hot.

  28. Professor Longnose

    I like 4-run rallies.

  29. Phil C

    Oki-san, throw your DP pitch right now!

    • Phil C

      I beg of you, Oki-san.

      • Phil C

        That was very impolite of you to allow that hit!

  30. Phil C

    TBS FACTOID: Centipede, Cespedes, whatever, is batting .347 RISP, 8th in the AL

  31. smurfy

    The future ain’t what it used to be.

    • Phil C

      My favorite one was Yogi telling his wife to surprise him on where he’s buried. LMFAO

  32. Phil C

    Red Sucks take 1-0 lead.

    Little Gulps have a double header today, I hope that wears out their pitching staff.

    • smurfy

      oh, please: whoever are the Little Gulps? the Sips, from Mississippi?

      • Phil C

        Mini Soda

        • smurfy

          ho, jeez! High, stinking, jeez!

          • Phil C

            You must have missed it yesterday when I asked who Mayor Bloomberg’s favorite team was.

  33. smurfy

    You know what else they don’t tell you? They have a forecast or two at game time, wind is 12 mph. Might be nice to know which way its blowing, like to rightfield, not just wsw.

    • Phil C

      You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Bob Dylan

      • Professor Longnose

        You don’t need a YES announcer to know that Nunez can’t field.

        • Phil C

          One of my favorite Dylan lines:

          Sitting on the pavement
          Thinking about the government
          Man in a trench coat
          Wants an 11 dollar bill
          You only got 10

          Lookout kid
          It’s something you did
          Don’t know when
          But you’re doing it again

          • Professor Longnose

            Yeah, I love the song, and Dylan in general.

  34. Professor Longnose

    Don’t stop now, guys. Keep pounding!

  35. smurfy

    Don’t be grim, Griffin. Underump helped as much as he could (get away with).

  36. Phil C

    Oh bird shit, now 1-1 in Beantown.

  37. smurfy

    like a rolling stone
    I know which way I’m goin’
    straight downhill, ‘lessen I bounce first

  38. smurfy

    Underump: that was for Griffin, Swish.

    • Phil C

      Even Smoltz said that was a ball to Swish.

  39. Professor Longnose

    Granderson hanging in there.

    • Phil C

      Granderson hung out to dry.

      • Professor Longnose

        He sucks. the strikeouts are starting to bug me.

        • Phil C

          Needs another Kevin Long intervention.

  40. Professor Longnose

    Is this game over? ‘Cause I gotta go mow the grass.

    • smurfy

      put your Roomba in the seat of the John Deere, and let her go.

  41. Phil C

    Lung Disease proving hard to eradicate. Lead our Frozen Cousins 1-0 in bot 6th.

  42. Professor Longnose

    Geez, Nunez…stop that already.

    • Phil C

      Remind me to never be in the same room with Nunez if he starts playing darts.

      • smurfy

        ‘specially don’t spin him first

        He done Hiro in.

  43. Professor Longnose

    I interpret this Dylan lyric as a summary of a typical baseball season:

    The priest wore black on the seventh day
    And sat stone-faced while a building burned
    I waited for you on the running board
    ‘Neath the cypress trees while the springtime turned
    Slowly into autumn

    • Phil C

      lol…..never thought of that

  44. Phil C

    Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

  45. Professor Longnose

    Bases loaded in Boston.

    • Phil C

      Stop them NOW!!

      • Phil C

        You did. Thank You almighty Professor.

        Now make the Yankees win today.

        • Professor Longnose

          Tall order.

  46. Professor Longnose

    Shouldn’t have let Kuroda stay in.

  47. Phil C

    This is turning into a tragedy of errors.

  48. Phil C

    To quote Yogi, “We made too many wrong mistakes.”

  49. Phil C

    Raul’s so cool that unlike Eastwood, he don’t talk to no stool

  50. Professor Longnose

    All right, somebody, pound one.

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