Game Thread: A’s vs Yankees, Sunday September 23

Today’s game almost seems like a formality after yesterday’s marathon of come backs and tension. But that’s the beauty of baseball. They do this everyday. The Yankees used every pitcher they have yesterday, so the team needs Hiroki Kuroda to give them some length, desperately. The A’s will counter with A.J. Griffin. The Yankees have also quietly turned a page. They’ve won seven in a row and are 9-1 over their last ten. Unfortunately, Baltimore is right their with them, just a game behind. Enjoy.

144 thoughts on “Game Thread: A’s vs Yankees, Sunday September 23

  1. Professor Longnose

    A’s give back. Now we need more RISP hits.

  2. Phil C

    Phleps is back!

    • Professor Longnose

      Glad to see him. But I hope Nunez hasn’t already lost the game.

  3. Phil C

    Where the hell are those darts, I want to throw them at Nunez.

  4. Professor Longnose

    Isn’t that an infield fly? The YES guys never tell you if the infield fly rule is called.

    • Phil C

      It must have been, but TBS was mum as well.

  5. Phil C

    A-Rod avoids, for now, the Golden Sombrero.

    • Professor Longnose

      Michael Kay is complaining that the fans are booing him.

      • Phil C

        The fans should boo Kay

  6. Phil C

    CAESAR’S SPORTS UPDATE: Bostonius II, Baltimorious I, bottom of the VIII

  7. Professor Longnose

    Top 9, 2-1 Sockholes, no one on, no one out.

  8. Professor Longnose

    One out, no one on in Boston.

  9. Professor Longnose

    One out, runner on first in Boston.

  10. Professor Longnose

    Shit! Second and third, one out in Boston.

  11. Professor Longnose

    Martin had like a billion chances to win the game yesterday.

  12. Professor Longnose

    Force out at home. two out, bases still loaded, 2-1 Sockholes, in Boston.

  13. Professor Longnose

    O’s lose!

    • Phil C

      And don’t you believe we’re on the edge of destruction?

      Because we were rooting for the Red Sluts.

      • Phil C

        Just noticed, that was supposed to eve of destruction

  14. Phil C

    C-Dick run!
    C-Dick score! PLEASE? Pretty please? Actually, if can be an ugly please.

  15. Phil C

    Is Rapada Doolittle’s hero?

  16. Professor Longnose

    They HAVE to score this run.

  17. Phil C

    Nunie funie

  18. Phil C

    Come Yanks, I know you’ve all seen the score board. This is a chance to pull another game ahead of the peckers.

  19. Phil C

    Little Gulps beat the Kitties. Helps out the other colored socks.

    • Professor Longnose

      Root for the Rays to get back in the wild card hunt. We need them to take those last three games of the season against the Orioles seriously.

      • Phil C

        Into each life a ray of sunshine will fall.

        Besides the owe the Yanks big time for last year.

  20. Phil C

    Lung Disease won again, 3-0

  21. Professor Longnose

    The Agenda for the bottom of the 9th:


    • Phil C

      walk, whack, win!

      • Professor Longnose

        Nicely phrased.

    • Phil C

      OK. I’ll go with your plan!

  22. Phil C

    Balfour will blow this save. He’s saved 12 straight, so 13 is the jinx!

    Besides, I just sacrificed a chicken.

  23. Professor Longnose

    Come on, Ichi, get that walk!

  24. Professor Longnose


  25. Professor Longnose

    Double dang!

  26. Professor Longnose

    An infinity of dangness.

    • Phil C

      I’d hate to be your lawn right about now.

  27. Phil C

    Dag nabbit

  28. smurfy

    ding dong dagnabbit.

  29. Phil C

    Let’s hope the Yanks can have a big gulp of Mini Soda starting tomorrow. Three of them.

  30. Phil C

    My dog has decided it’s time for her walk. Chat y’all tomorrow.

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