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7 thoughts on “Nova’s clunker lost in the euphoria

  1. Slow down, now. First, the guy was hurt, and it's not clear to me when that problem started. For all I know, the pre-DL problems were tied to his injury slowly getting worse. Now he's back from the DL and has had one good start and one bad start. That's a pretty small sample size. There's eight days of season left, so let's see how he does against Toronto before making decisions about the playoff rotation.

    • Yeah, but that's the problem. Toronto is decimated, so the lineup isn't very good. So what will a good outing in such a circumstance mean? But perhaps you are right and I am overreacting.

      • If he has a bad outing, it'll say something. If he has a good one — well then Girardi can look at what the issues were with the A's start. As you note, it looks like bad location rather than bad stuff. If he's successful against the Jays, it should be noticeable (at least to the professionals) how his location is. If they're crushing his pitches but right at the fielders, that's probably another bad sign, even if his game stats look good.

        And I meant 11, not eight. How did I forget about October?

  2. I think you're over-reacting a little, but it's still a warning sign. post DL, one good, one bad outing, maybe due to rust or being Too strong. Hopefully, the game against Toronto will show if he's got decent command back and throwing well.

  3. Do the Yankees need an effective Nova for the playoffs. I personally trust that cc, kuroda, pettitte and hughes would look pretty darned good. Add phelps and nova as long bullpen options and you have an icing that I might dip my finger into (creepy).

  4. Let's step back and relax with Nova. This is a young pitcher who had an excellent season, might have rested a bit on his laurels and is paying for it. If we see this same trend next year, then we worry. But I'm willing to bank on Nova bouncing back and having a good year in 2013. The talent is there. The rest can be taught.