Yankees’ offense quiet as their AL East lead falls back to one

Lost in the ugliness of the Yankees’ performance was David Aardsma’s pinstripe debut. After making his last major league appearance in Septemeber 2010, Aardsma gave the Yankees a decent eighth inning, but did allow Arencibia to go yard off him. Fourteen of his 24 pitches were strikes and his fastball hit 92 mph.

Bronx Cheers:
Ivan Nova: Nova went just 4.2 innings, gave up four runs on six hits, two walks and four Ks. His ERA is now 5.02. He has given up at least two runs in each outings since July 8th, while his last scoreless outing was June 11th.

Curtis Granderson: Grandy went 0-4, striking out once and stranding four runners.

Raul Ibanez: Ibanez went 0-3 and also struck out once and left four runners on base.

Curtain Calls:
Not a lot to be happy about in this game, but here goes…
Robinson Cano:
Robbie went 3-4 with a double. He is 8-11 over his last three games, so it looks like he’s found his bat again.

Russell Martin: The rest of the Yankees’ offense came from Martin, who went 2-4 with a double. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make his hits count, as he also stranded four runners.

Up Next: Hiroki Kuroda will try to get the Yankees back on track, when he takes the ball on Friday night. Chad Jenkins will make the second start of his career, after holding the Rays to one run in his last start. First pitch is at 7:07pm at the Rogers Centre.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees’ offense quiet as their AL East lead falls back to one

  1. Aardsma's return reminded me of Joba's first few games back. Flashes of brilliance (or at least, solid competence) amidst a few balls I'm sure he'd like back. Nice to see him back – would have much preferred his debut came with a big lead, instead of a large deficit.

    Sad to say, but each time the Yankees got their first two men on, no outs – it didn't feel like they were going to get any farther. And they didn't. When they fall out of the playoffs, I'm putting money that the headline for either the News or the Post is "RIsP the Yankees"

  2. The Yankees offense was quiet is probably an understatement as far as yesterdays game goes. But I also have to say for at least this Yankee fan the bloom is off Nova's rose. He has basically been a starter for 2 full seasons and with the exception of about 9 or 10 games after last years All Star break he has not pitched well at all. And when you look at most of the teams he faced after the 2011 All Star Break, most were not very good teams. Just my opinion.