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6 thoughts on “For the Yankees, October has come early

  1. Am I the only one who cringes at the thought of Giradi having to manage the next four games as if they were playoff games? It is not that I think Giradi is a bad manager or anything, it is just that I think it goes against his managerial DNA to lean on the players that he should be leaning on in the next four games. Does anyone really expect Giradi to not give Jeter at least a day at DH in Toronto due to the artificial grass? Which will mean either having Nunez in the field or Nix getting at least 3 at bats. I get it that over use of a player in the next few days may significantly hurt the Yankees postseason chances if that player were to get hurt and miss the postseason entirely, but Giradi has got to run out his best lineup he has until the AL East is either won or lost, not run out the best lineup he feels comfortable putting together. It is not like you have to keep players healthy for another three months.

    I think Giradi's bullpen usage in Game 2 of the ALDS last year indicates that Giradi has a tendency to manage for possibilities tomorrow and not realities today, and while I am not asserting that it cost the Yankees the series or even the game, decisions like that make me wonder whether Giradi will be able to force himself to manage with the urgency that may be required in a playoff game during the next four or five games.

    • Well, I mean, you don’t want to get *too* carried away. You don’t want to expose Jeter or A-Rod to an injury by pushing them too hard on the turf or something or run your top relievers into the ground by having them pitch four or five games in a row.

      • I completely agree that you do not want to burn players out, especially when it comes to relievers. However, I have to admit that I am somewhat uninformed when it comes to the risks associated with too much play on turf. Are we talking about definite risks, or are we talking more along the line of the case where a pitcher may be more prone to injury if he throws 172 innings compared to 158 innings in a season? It is not like the Yankees are playing football or soccer on turf, and I do not mean to make A-Rod a lightning rod, but he did not exactly spend too much time on the turf last night.

        What should Giradi do if the Yankees happen to play the Rays in the ALCS this year, and Jeter and A-Rod have already played games 3 and 4 at Tampa on the turf? Would one of them be given a DH day in Game 5 and/or the other one just given a day to prevent them from playing in the field three days in row?

        Again, I do not disagree with you, and think that Giradi has to go nuts and push his players in the next few days in order to win the division, since it is clear that even if you do go nuts nothing is given and nothing says that a lineup with McGee, Nunez, Jones, Stewart and Nix is incapable of winning a game. I just feel that you should keep your foot on the gas as much as possible while you still control you own destiny, instead of having to try to find another gear when you absolutely have to. And I question Giradi's ability to go against what he has done all season, and start treating these next four or five games as must win games until they are actually must win games.

  2. While these games are crucial, you have to consider the schedule AND that we still have a ONE game lead. These games are more crucial for the Boids, right?

    Our last 3 games are against the Sox at Yankee Stadium.
    The Orioles last 3 games are against the Rays in Tampa Bay.
    So our load is a bit lighter the Baltmore's.

    So Joe has a tiny bit of breathing room.
    Nix has been OK for us, and if Jeter reaggrevates his injury, we have no chance in the PS.
    While Showalter has to go all out, Girargi has more of a balancing act to perform.

  3. I think I'm more with Keith on this one. With only a one game lead you have to win now and worry about next week later. Next week won't matter if we are watching the Rays play the A's for the wildcard to see who gets to play the Orioles.