Yankees blast past Jays 11-4

2 thoughts on “Yankees blast past Jays 11-4

  1. uyf1950

    Brien, Soriano threw what 8 pitches in this game and after not pitching for 3 days. I think it was probably a good idea to give him some work. After all being rusty isn't a very good thing either.

  2. jay_robertson

    agreed with uyf – both Soriano and Robertson looked a touch rusty; especially Robertson. I'd much rather Soriano give up walk searching for his control with a seven run lead. Likewise, D-Rob gave up a hit and a walk to go with his strikeout; he was shaky enough that Soriano was up, in case he had to bail him out.

    With Soriano already warmed up – it just made sense to put him in for a batter. Or two, as it turned out.

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