Yanks Suffer An Embarrassing Loss To The Lowly Jays

What is the one thing the Yankees cannot afford to do during this last weekend of the season? They cannot lose to bad teams and more specifically bad pitchers like Ricky Romero.

So what did they do this afternoon? Exactly that.

The Yankees started off strong with two runs in the first inning off Romero and then…they did nothing.


The Blue Jays scored three runs on seven hits and won the game because the Yankee offense fell asleep at the wheel. All three runs were charged to Andy Pettitte who lost his first game since coming back from the DL.

The Yankees were 2 for 11 with runners in scoring position and didn’t take advantage of the Blue Jays inept fielding. They had the bases loaded with no outs in the third inning and couldn’t capitalize.

So now they will sit and wait for the Orioles to beat up on the Red Sox tonight. If the Orioles win – why am I even saying if? – they will move up into a tie for first place in the American League East.

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3 thoughts on “Yanks Suffer An Embarrassing Loss To The Lowly Jays

  1. Stacey, what else is left to say, you said it all. I would be as shocked at Boston pulling one out in Camden Yards tonight as I was at losing to the Jays today. And you know what all this means, right? After the Sox get swept tomorrow (no need to point out ‘you never know’ because, yes, we know), what are the odds they will lose another 3 in a row? and of course we miss Aaron Cook and get Lester.

  2. At least vs. Baltimore, Boston has packed it in. But the Yankees have only themselves to blame for this latest bout of win-lose alternation, that blew the modest 1.5-game lead they had (nothing compared to the “insurmountable” 10-game lead they previously blew). They no longer control their destiny, as Baltimore owns the tie-breaker (best AL East record) and would host a one-game playoff if necessary. And if Nova pitches the final vs. Boston, a sweep (unless by Boston) is impossible. One can only hope Tampa Bay retains some semblance of a playoff shot when Baltimore goes there. The Yankees may still back into a wild card if the Angels manage to lose two more, but that is little consolation for blowing a (for them) record 10-game lead, surpassed in embarrassment only by 2004. Hopefully, if they complete the choke, a major house-cleaning, as Boston did this year, will take place. Bye, bye Joe? One can only hope.

  3. Re: 10 game lead, I will say this – 1) that essentially happened one and a half months ago, and in a way I begrudgingly give the Yankees credit for hanging tight despite a gauntlet of a schedule during this last month, plus injuries (I say begrudgingly because despite this feat, they still played inconsistent and often lifeless baseball.) 2) Baltimore has played out of its mind, no one expected that.

    That said, re: house cleaning, any move has to start w/ ousting of Kevin Long. Yes, he is regarded as a good coach and yes, Yanks lead in runs, and no, he is not the one who leaves runners stranded on 1st and 2nd w/ no outs night after night, but the RISP fail is the thimg that will define the Yankees 2012 season and needs to be addressed w/ a change.