Every scrape needs a scapegoat

The injury to Mark Teixeira seriously weakened the Yankees’ attack against left-handed pitching. Guys like Andruw Jones needed to step up. Not only has not done so, he’s fallen into an open manhole cover. He has four hits in September. Four! In 29 at bats.  That gives him a tidy little batting average of .137 for September. And that followed an August where he had only six hits in 37 at bats. That meant a .162 batting average for August and a lovely 10-66 over the two month span to give him a .151 batting average down the stretch. Only two of those hits were homers, one in August, one in September.

And it goes further back than that. Before yesterday’s two strikeouts in two at bats performance, his second half triple slash line looked like this: .146/.262/.262. Just typing that made the coffee curdle a little in the mouth this morning. How is a guy with that kind of prolonged ineptitude not DFAed? How is he inserted into a lineup? His one job was to hit left-handed pitching. That’s it. Hit left-handed pitching. But he hasn’t. His slash line for the YEAR against lefties is now: .202/.294/.411. His wOBA against lefties is .304. That’s not good. In fact, that’s terrible.

There is more. He has his worst WPA score since that horrid year he had with the Dodgers. His clutch score is his worst since that very same year. He is batting .197 with men in scoring position. He is batting .179 in high leverage situations. The ugly numbers go on and on.

It is enough to make people long for Eduardo Nunez to be the right-handed DH. Jones makes Chris Stewart a better option right now. Francisco Cervelli? Anyone but Andruw Jones. Joe Girardi has been nothing but loyal to his players. It is an admirable trait. But there comes a time when you just have to wake up and know that the garbage has been sitting in the garbage pail for too long and is really starting to stink.

Jones is a good guy. The wife loves his smile. But he cannot get the job done and should not get a single plate appearance the rest of the season, never mind the playoffs that may never come.

Yes, the Yankees are in a scrape. Things weren’t supposed to be this way. And the scapegoat of choice is Mr. Andruw Jones.

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8 thoughts on “Every scrape needs a scapegoat

  1. For weeks, running into months, people would complain about the team's offensive production, but then methodically go through the lineup and come to the conclusion that there really was no single roster spot where things could be improved.

    That's changed. At least in the case of Mr. Jones. Good Heavens – does anyone really think even Dickerson wouldn't be an improvement? There's no place on the playoff roster for Andruw, and with these last games being play-in games, there is no place for him on the field now.

  2. No argument from me about Andruw Jones, but if you're going to let Granderson off the hook you're dead wrong. This was another trade that looked good at the time but is starting to look as though it's going to blow up in our face. For every home run he hits, there are at least five instances where he doesn't do anything productive in a spot where even a long fly or weak ground ball would be welcome. He's got a $2 million buyout for 2013 and if I were Cashman and company, I'd go that route. He's not going to get any better at 32 and a long term extension would be nothing short of insane. That money would be better spent elsewhere,

    • No, Granderson was not left off the hook. His daily strikeouts are disheartening. These days, when he hits the ball, it is a surprise. It's almost to the point where you might want to have him consider getting his eyes checked or something. He is basically a faster Adam Dunn this season. Never been a fan of Adam Dunn.

  3. This is one of the reasons I've never been fond of Girardi as a manager. Jones is hitting almost 70 points below the Mendoza line against lefties lately. Why is he even on the team anymore, much less in the lineup? That's the only role he has, and if he can't do that someone needs to be replacing him. It's almost as if Binder Boy has decided he's going to prove to the BB world he's right and everyone else is wrong, so he'll keep putting Jones in the lineup despite his abject failure. Well, we could afford that experiment if the Yankees were still 10 games up in the division. However, they're not, they're fighting for the division, and possibly their postseason. Bench Jones now!

  4. Order of blame:

    1. Girardi
    2. A-Rod
    3. Jones

    And why the Hell can't chavez get more at bats….again Girardi.

  5. I feel like they they should not have DFAed Steve Pearce over McGehee or someone else when Gardner/Aardsma returned from injury as Pearce is the only other right-handed batting outfielder.
    Even though Pearce is not a great hitter, it did allow the Orioles to bring him back…

    I just hope Jones does not make the playoff roster. I would rather see a lefty face a southpaw than see Jones